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How Shakeology changed my life

Shakeology-a shake containing nutrients, proteins, antioxidants and phytonutrients has been able to help many people suffering from minor ailments. A lady who had eczema in the ear canal and the eyelids for many years tried it and found it gave her a little relief.

She managed to take care of the eczema on the eyelids by trying different creams to keep the eyelids well-oiled and prevent them from drying. While she could not do anything to the eczema in the ear canal which would sometime mix with ear wax and get infected.

She visited an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist who gave a steroid drops which she had to use every day. She had to visit the doctor every six months to clean her years. She started with the steroid drops and at the same time she started having Shakeology once a day. When it was 6 months and time to visit the doctor she rang him and postponed the appointment by a month since she felt her ears were a little better. When she went to the doctor after a month the doctor found that the eczema in the ears was better and asked her what she had done that was not normal.

She told him that she had started taking Shakeology once a day. He told her to continue with the steroid drops once a week for six months and then see him as the ears were better but not completely cured. She is now waiting to see the result at the end of six months.
How Shakeology Helped to Lose Weight?
There was a lady who had a good job in an office which did not leave her much time to prepare conventional meals when she reached home. She would pick up some fast food on the way and then have it at home while she relaxed watching TV. This went on for a long time and she put on substantial weight and was thinking of joining a gym to get back to a slimmer figure.
As she was deciding about the gym she should join, her friend told her about Shakeology and how effective it was. Her friend also told her about the DVD with workout program that came with the Shakeology package. Since her friend mentioned it to her she  went online and booked a 30 day cash back guarantee and started with Shakeology once a day.
As she started with Shakeology she felt lighter since she did not feel the craving for junk food which she would have during lunch-break. Instead whenever she felt hungry she had Shakeology or some fruits. Her meal in the nights was reduced to a  salad with lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetables.
She felt better and lighter and since her Shakeology package was over she ordered a fresh one as her weight had decreased substantially.
Way in Which Shakeology managed to Curtail Love for Sweets
This young lady loved sweets and enjoyed having sweets when she had the opportunity. The sweeter they were the better she like them. Everybody knew about her love for sweets and she never bothered about the effect it would have on her health. Luckily her genes were good and she could put on 7 – 8 pounds without any problem and lose it.
One day her friend mentioned it to her to try Shakeology to stop her craving for sweets. She started with Shakeology and before three weeks she lost her craving for sweets. Every morning she would stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and have donuts with extra caramel swirl. With Shakeology this habit was gone.
In fact she would start her day with Shakeology and banana. Lunch would be peanut butter, jelly sandwich raisins and yogurt and sometimes honey bars. Gone were the days of picking up lunches from MacDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and Wendy’s. She joined the fitness videos of 21 days and was thinking of encouraging her husband who is diabetic to try Shakeology.
How People are Happy that Shakeology helped them Lose Weight
There was a lady who was 90 pounds and always feeling tired and exhausted. She was not only fat, she was bloated and did not know what to do about her weight. She was adding more weight to her figure, every time she had a meal. A friend of hers who was a rugby player told her about Shakeology.
She started with Shakeology and after two weeks felt a little light and noticed a slight loss of weight and continued with Shakeology. After a month she noticed that she had lost two pounds and was happy. She gained more energy and her digestion was regularized. Her health improved, her migraines decreased and she felt more confident and continued with Shakeology.
How Does Shakeology Help?
When we have our meals we do not know the nutrients that we take in with our meals. We are not able to know whether we get the right amount of proteins, vitamins or minerals. Sometimes there could be a deficiency on our intake which brings about some health hazard.
When you have Shakeology you get 70 ingredients which are natural from the world over in your shake which include nutrients, minerals, vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics. It is the healthiest thing that you can have. It is not a meal replacement but you can add fruits and vegetable to get the calories needed for a meal.
What is the problem with the Food that we have?
Through the years the quality of the food that we get has deteriorated. It does not contain nutrients as it used to. The nutrients in the soil have also depleted. Farm production has been pushed beyond natural limits. Pesticides as well as genetic modification have wreaked havoc leaving the food with hardly any nutrients, to make up for nutrients needed by the body for a healthy life. When you have Shakeology you get the nutrition that is deficient in the food that you have.
What Does Shakeology contain?
Shakeology has 70 ingredients that are collected from all over the world. There are probiotic and prebiotic enzymes which include protease, yacon root, papain. Lipase, cellulase, lactobacillus, amylase, bromelain, sporogenes, lactase.
There are adaptogen herbs which include ashwagandha, tulsi, astragalus, schisandra, cordycseps, reishi, maitake, maca, ginko.
There are antioxidants from fruits which include pomegranate, grape seed, rose hips, camu-camu, luohanguo, acai, green tea, acerola cherry, goji berry and bilberry.
There are proteins which come from pea, brown rice, whey, amaranth, sanchiinchi, quinoa, flax and chia. All these are present in Shakeology as proprietary blends. These supply the nutrients that are not present in the food that you have.
When you have these foods your craving for junk food is gone and your weight is kept in check. You get more energy to handle your daily tasks with blood pressure brought down to normal. The digestion and bowl movements are improved and cholesterol level is also lowered.
Ways in Which Shakeology can help
Shakeology can help provide all the nutrients that are deficient in your daily meals and get rid of the toxins in the body and cleanse the system. It helps to strengthen and support the immune system. Shakeology also helps in slowing the aging process and fighting disease.
In conclusion by taking Shakeology can fulfil the deficiencies in the daily meals and keep yourself healthy.

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