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Good Nutrition Advice We All Know and Often Ignore

We all have been told what is good or what is bad for us but more often than not, we fail to abide by them. Either we keep forgetting, or we just totally do not mind them. Nutrisystem advice is almost the same, and sometimes, the most basic ones that get ignored have the biggest effect on our health and diet. Nutritionists have been pushing the facts where people nod and agree but would forget as soon as the next day. 

Here are some of the advice we keep neglecting:

·         Eat less salt
o   Eating too much sodium in your daily dietary intake provides a lot of health risks like increased blood pressure. People fail to measure and lessen their salt intake because a lot of the salt we take in are already in the food we eat and which then leads us to get accustomed to food rich in sodium. There are a lot of benefits from reducing our intake 

·         Drink plenty of water
o   No matter what the reason may be for forgetting to drink the advised daily water intake, it is important to remember that drinking lots of fluids is essential in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Water has lots of benefits like weight loss, increased endurance, improved digestion, positive impact on mood, prevents headaches, better kidney function, and a lot more.

·         Enjoy healthy fats
o   Fats have always had a bad reputation when it comes to nutrition and weight loss and people either avoid them entirely or just totally forget to choose between good fats and bad fats. There has been a lot of developments when it comes to the knowledge of healthy fats and the benefit they bring. Fats found in avocado, butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and omega 3s have been proven to be healthy and not equally created like other fats. These healthy fats have the ability to lower bad cholesterol and may even help in shedding excess weight.

·         Eat a lot of fish, plant-based protein, chicken, beans, soy, and nuts
o   There are other sources than meat where we can get our dietary requirement of protein. Some, plants like spinach have been found out to have a higher content than other sources. Nuts like       walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios are also a great source of protein besides lots of vitamins and minerals.  Fish are also a good source of vitamins and minerals like proteins and omega 3 that has lots of benefits to the body. Yellowfin tuna and Halibut are two of the fishes that contain higher amounts of proteins with very low amount of fat, ideal for high protein and low-fat diets.
·         Eat tons of plants
o   Lots of people have underestimated and taken vegetables for granted. The indigestible part of plants called fiber leads to better digestion, especially when paired with the right intake of water. Eating lots of fiber can lead to weight loss and total wellness. Food like vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts are rich in fiber and can be very beneficial when added to your daily meals.

·         Seek organic
o   People often go for the easier and faster route which leads them to neglect the importance of choosing organic food. Most would just grab the first ones they see in the grocery without even checking if they are organic. Organic means that the food is processed with the least amount of harmful agricultural products that would later on result to health problems. Conveniently grown vegetables usually contain chemical and synthetic fertilizers and weed controllers that get absorbed into the plant and into our body. Organic food is grown with natural fertilizers and weed control with the better impact on your mental and emotional health. Livestock produced organically also given an all organic hormone and GMO-free feeds making them safer that livestock bred with chemicals, synthetic growth hormones and GMO feeds, and pumped with antibiotics and medications to ensure that they are disease free. Organic food is produced and bred naturally which leave healthy vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals to be absorbed into the body. They also last longer since they do not contain chemicals and are easier to digest.
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