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Dianabol Results and Safe Usage

This is a drug which was manufactured in the 1950s and given a name as dianabol by Dr. John Ziegler. As soon as it was discovered it became the number one for the athletes and bodybuilders. 

How it works

The main function of the steroid is to bind itself to the androgen receptor and allow for faster protein synthesis and thus resulting in faster muscle growth and more strength is gained. The consumption can see a gain of 2kg per week which is a lot compared to other steroids gain analysis. There is also a tremendous increase in strength and retaining of all the muscle pumps done in the workout sessions. This steroid also offers a sense of well being in the feelings of the consumer and this euphoric attitude prevails during the whole intake cycle of dianabol steroid.

Results of usage

The usage of this drug has shown tremendous gain in a week and more effective than other orally consumed steroids. The muscle growth is much faster and results have been observed in five days itself of consumption. But it should also be notified that this drug causes water retention and some of the weight attributed will be a result of this so better stick to reality and gain the weight steadily even when we see quick results conclusions need not be jumped at. The increase in muscle mass and strength gained by the use of this steroid is not be compared with other people as it differs from person to person Dianabol has been used safely by millions

Side effects

The side effects are usually dosage related news when you start experiencing any one of the mentioned side effects it is better to taper down the dosage levels to curb the effects.

The main side effects which have been put in reviews of the drug and found by medical professionals are anger issues, acne, high blood pressure, loss of hair and toxic effects on the liver.

The dosage is usually kept low as it has to be observed by a medical guide as to how your body reacts to the drug and accordingly increase the dosage hence it can be calibrated that the side effects can initially assessed with this method and lower the risk of a potential fatality caused due to the drug usage. As soon as effects are seen on the body of the person consuming the steroid, he/ she has to stop immediately and consult a medical guide to help cure the remaining issues.

The water retention causes gynecomastia in men because of the lowering of the testosterone in the body. The lipid profile too will change as the good cholesterol is also destroyed in the process. There would be increase in the blood pressure levels. Since breakdown is in the liver, this steroids causes the release of many toxins that will affect the liver.

Hence the dianabol cycles are kept short to protect the liver. Even some consumers take time off on this drug to bring back the normal functioning of the liver.
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