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Anadrol VS Dianabol – A knowhow

It is adequate to compare Anadrol 50 and Dbol. There are many similarities among these two steroids. But major difference is Dbol is derived from testosterone where as Anadrol from Dihydrotestosterone. 

Both of these steroids are poor when it comes to binding with androgen receptors and have some common traits. That is why their effects are considered as non receptor mediated. Even though Dbol poses, modest activity in aromatizing it is considered as a powerful estrogen.

Among many forms of testosterone, Dianabol is considered the second most powerful steroid that is available till date. Dianabol can be treated as testosterone but there is a slight difference. There is 1-2 double carbon bonds and there is an additional 17a-methyl group. The first change is made to reduce the estrogen conversion and the second helps in passing through the liver.
There will be side effects from this steroid because it can convert into estrogen which is a powerful type. Dianabol is usually used in the bulking cycles that too in the first 4 to 6 weeks. The dosage recommended for advanced users is 40 mg a day. For beginners only 20 mg a day is enough. 

Dianabol is available both in pill and inject able forms. But between these two forms there are no significant differences. Whatever the form Dianabol remains a 17aa steroid which is mainly associated with 2 things. 

The first thing is Dianabol cannot be deactivated by liver. The second thing is because of this resistance against deactivation there will be elevation in liver enzymes. This elevated enzymes level may result in stressing the liver. But there is one advantage from this too. That is due to this reaction blood will receive active chemicals. 

Anadrol comparison:

Anadrol is considered as a very powerful variant of testosterone. It is used by most of the bodybuilders and athletes to get stronger quickly, to gain muscular physique, and sculpt their bodies. 

There will not be any side effects which are related to DHT. So there is a feeling that Anadrol is better compared to Dbol but truth is it is more harmful compared Dbol. This steroid will give results in short span of time. But it will come with effects like man boobs and bloating. When it comes to back pain, Dbol results in more back pain but Anadrol users never experienced this.
But one major disadvantage of Anadrol is it will make an individual more lethargic. The users will feel like they want to sleep more than 10 hours a day. By using Anadrol one will experience bad lipid values and high liver values. That is the reason many go for Dianabol. But these side effects can be avoided by using drugs like N2Guard which are considered as liver protectors. 

Dbol reduces SHBG levels this leads to increased production of testosterone whereas Anadrol can reduce cardio capacity. Dianabol is a well known steroid and majority of the people know about both its advantages and disadvantages. Since Anadrol is comparatively new, many people are yet to know about this drug.
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