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Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Radiesse

If you are interested in going for Radiesse treatment or any other Englewood skin care procedure, there are things you should know about the treatment. This information will help you make an informed decision. It will also give you some insight on what to expect.

Areas to be treated
People who have had the procedure on their cheeks have stated they were very happy with the results. The result is a natural look that does not appear overdone. Take note the material is marginally heavier than others in the market. Radiesse also has a harder consistency. This is why it is recommended for frequent-use lines such as the mouth. A surgeon who knows what they are doing will inform you to avoid using the treatment around the areas like around the eyes. 

What to expect
It is common for the treatment to last between an hour and two hours. You may also experience more pain than you had anticipated. Some people may even experience significant swelling and bruising that may last a week. It is advisable to ask for a mirror and request your physician to take frequent breaks. This will allow you to check the progress of the procedure. Such a move may take longer, but you will know what is going on.

Swelling, pain and bruising
The amount of pain you experience may vary depending on your body. Some doctors mix a small amount of lidocaine before they start the procedure. Others may use a small vibrating massage in a bid to further smooth out the product. In most cases, people report minimal swelling and/or bruising. The procedure is not invasive and you can return to your normal life a few hours after you are done with it.

The product is said to go right to the bone. It is, therefore, wise to give yourself enough downtime if you are concerned about bruising. It is common for patients to have visible signs of the procedure even after a week. If you have a big social event coming up, you may want to give yourself two weeks of downtime before you attend. Some people find they can return to work a day after the procedure, for others, it may take a week or more. The amount of downtime you will require will be determined by your body. It is wise to estimate at least ten days of recovery time just to be sure.

Tips for recovery
Inform your physician of any supplements you take prior to the procedure. If you are under medication, you should make a point of showing them your prescription. There are supplements you may assume harmless. However, they may thin the blood or cause some unseen complications. This may in turn result with bruising in the affected areas. To reduce your chances of bruising, you should determine what you can and cannot take during the treatment. Your doctor should tell you what you can or cannot take before and after the procedure. This way, you will get the best results. 
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