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Peptide Primer: What Is It and Why Take it

The world of fitness has a lot of thrill regarding peptides nowadays. There are different types of peptides, some recommended for burning down fats, muscle building and improving performance in athletics. But what are peptides? Are they effective as claimed?

What are peptides?

Peptides are compounds made up of at least two amino acids bonded together with elimination of water molecule. In other words, they are simply small proteins. Intake of peptides and production in the body is necessary for a normal functioning of physiological processes. Actually, the body produces its own peptides, but as you grow older or due to your diet specifics, physical changes and stress level, this production is suppressed.  For example, the production of insulin resembling Growth Factor (IGF-1) goes down when you are stressed or as you age.

Peptides are produced to be used by those who are experiencing deficiencies.HubioPharm is among the top producers of peptides suited for athletic performance, fitness and general well-being.

Why are peptides essential?

Peptides play numerous roles in your body. There are those that work as neurotransmitters while others function like hormones. Many peptides also control as well as influence how the body reacts to physical exercise and diet.

Peptides are also needed in sufficient amounts to support production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Normally, if your body is not able to produce or absorb enough of these peptides into your system, then the amount is expected to be low. As a result, those interested in maximizing their athletic performance and fitness must find a way of counteracting those deficiencies so that their bodies can recover and perform to meet their goals.

Supplementation of amino acids into the body is very common with many fitness buffs.  Supplementing the body with peptides is also taking root nowadays. But peptides are made up of amino acids, why should you bother with peptides then? First, the latter is readily digested and assimilated into the body since they are available in smaller molecules thus the body does not need to break large protein molecules. Plus, peptides are also more stable while in the body therefore more beneficial as opposed to amino acids which are unstable and un-bonded.

The different peptide types

Creatine and glutamine peptides are some of the most popular peptides, though other types also exist. They are absorbed into the body much quicker and assimilated faster with have no side effects.  
There are other peptide formulations that provide a wide spectrum of the amino acids in powder or pill form. These are commonly referred to as “pre-digested” peptides. They are effective and beneficial to those who need adequate supply of amino acids in easily digestible and stable form.

Some types of peptides are available in form of injections, some of which are prohibited by some countries, though some fitness experts do use them. These injectable peptides are introduced into the body to boost HGH production which in turn increases development of lean muscles, reduce body fat and enhance recovery speed after workouts.

Some peptides such as Melanotan are used for skin tanning, while some like SNAP-8 are for reducing wrinkles on the skin. Many other types of peptides are available for different purposes. Some top producers of Peptides such as HubioPharm readily avail different peptides that are effective for those who are after maximizing their fitness and athletic performance.

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