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OxyContin Addiction Treatment Can Be a Life-Changing Opportunity

OxyContin is a class II opiate that is a narcotic pain reliever, usually given post-operative to persons who have a major surgery. As such, it is sold on the street for someone to get high by snorting, crushing the pills, swallowing multiples of the OxyContin, or even injecting the oxycontin for a faster high. Oxycontin is a time-release version of oxycodone, so diluting it with water to inject or crushing it releases the time-release mechanism, making it easier to overdose. Oxycontin is highly addictive and very hard to quit cold-turkey. OxyContin addiction treatment centers offer medical personnel to monitor the withdrawal from oxycontin.


When someone is withdrawing from opiates like oxycontin they have both physical and psychological symptoms. Physical symptoms include, chills, sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and muscle aches and cramps. Psychological symptoms include anxiety, depressions, panic, and paranoia. A medically supervised detox program with a professional staff is the safest way to withdraw from opiates.

Inpatient residential treatment programs offer medical attendance during detox. The first few days in detox are for removing the toxins from the body and bringing the person to a clear mind. In the controlled environment, the substance abuser cannot receive visitors or family until at least a week has passed, and the intense craving for the drug is relieved.

Persons are also evaluated for nutritional needs and taught healthy habits of self-care.  After the detox period, the individuals are expected to keep themselves and their environment clean, participate in group activities, and learn new coping systems to help them stay clean. After this time, the individual is allowed supervised visitation with pre-screened persons that will support their attempt at getting clean.

Residential treatment is the preferred method for someone who is deep in their addiction, has lost the support of friends and relationships, and has turned to drug-seekers for their friendships and companions. Living in a structured and controlled environment will help the recovering individual avoid drug-seekers while learning coping behaviours. The individual has to relearn how to be a responsible and contributing member of society.
Getting clean and sober is just the first step for the person with a substance abuse problem. Avoiding relapse and re-entering society are the goals of those who are recovering from a substance abuse addiction. Often the addicted individual has moved into anti-social behaviours, and sometimes even criminal behaviours, to obtain and use their drug. Treatment is focused on more than getting someone clean; it is also designed to teach a person to seek healthy behaviours and affirming friendships.

Outpatient treatment centers are for persons who have already completed the initial detox and withdrawal from oxycontin. These persons are responsible enough to attend regular meetings with therapists and support groups, while keeping a full time job and living on their own unsupervised. The outpatient treatment center continues the focus of the residential treatment center, but also requires regular therapeutic sessions with psychiatrists, staff, and support groups.

Whether the individual chooses an inpatient residential OxyContin addiction treatment center, or an outpatient treatment facility, the road to recovery will never end. Relapse prevention and sober living will be the new focus of the person in recovery.
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