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Overview of Extended Care Drug Treatment

When you hear about rehabilitation center or drug rehabilitation, you are most likely thinking of a pace where drug users are taken for treatment. Though this is true, there is more to it than just a center. There is something known as extended care treatment. It is a system whereby more is done to ensure patients are rehabilitated in the most effective way. Long Island extended care drug treatment is one of the best treatments you can come across in the United States.  

A top priority of a good extended care drug treatment or rehabilitation center should always be community outreach. Treatment of addiction is the main role in the war against substance abuse. All the same, a center should realize that this is a single part of the big picture. Extending their reach outside the walls of their recovery center is the only way they can be an effective force when fighting addiction.

For example, on 30th May, 2015 at Adams County Fairgrounds, Mendon saw the return of a concert known as ‘Music With A Mission’ for its second year. It is an event that is used to raise funds for music education programs in local school districts of Quincy and Mendon, IL that are underfunded. The concert was a success due to performance from country-rock stars such as Highway Run, Madd Hoss Jackson, Avenue Beat, Trailer Choir and Cadillac Three.

The event raised thousands of dollars providing the much needed financial assistance. Drug rehabilitation centers had the opportunity to contribute to those funds by handling a portion of the costs needed to hold the concert and sponsoring the event. This allowed for more of the concessions and proceeds from ticket sales to be put towards the cause behind the concert

CEO ofone of the centers, Best Drug Rehabilitation, Per Wickstrom, said he was happy to be a contributor to the event. Wickstrom said that children were America’s assets and greatest resource. Encouraging music and arts and promoting education in our youth is the best tool in the fight against addiction in our communities he added. The concert was just one of the methods we can offer support necessary that is required to provide our youth with a view of the future that is optimistic.

The CEO also had the chance to speak with some of the performers at the ‘Music With A Mission’ event. He discussed with the performers perspectives on the problems surroundings alcohol and drug use in personal lives, entertainment industry and schools. They also discussed ideas about recovery and treatment. 

At a rehabilitation center the institution should be of the belief that by participating in similar events and teaming up with others, they can effectively make a difference in the lives of young adults and teens. This will show them that there are positive and healthy alternatives to using alcohol and drugs.  We can help pave a more productive and safer path for them to follow. We will be able to show them that they are not only the hope, but also the future of our nation.
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