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Isagenix- How does it work

Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company that is known for the production of a wide range of health and body fitness products. One of the company’s popular products is the Isagenix- weight loss solutions which come in the 9- Day Deep cleansing and fat burning system and the 30- day cleansing and fat burning system.

This product like many other weight loss systems is aimed at accelerating burning of fat and encourage healthy weight loss. Isagenix weight loss product list consists of Cleanse for Life, IsaLean Shake, and Natural Accelerator and Isagenix snacks.  These nutritional components are expected to cleanse the body of wastes, detoxify the body and prepare the body for optimal infusion of nutrients.

The ingredients in these components include fibre, herbs, whey protein, cayenne, green tea, ginseng and cinnamon. Based on the manufacturer’s account, these ingredients all function in fat burning and boosting of energy. The use of Isagenix Cleanse for Life induces a specific form of appetite control and also helps rid the body of wastes. It also clears out toxins from the body by providing vitamins that serves as antioxidants. The appetite control is said to be an effective phase of the weight loss system.

The shakes are good energy boosters and they also improve the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Considerable level of insulin in blood cells supplies energy to the body preventing fatigue and increased appetite. The diet plan of the system is also said to be suitable and convenient for all body types. It allegedly helps to reduce muscle mass, reset calorie intake, mitigate cravings and improve weight loss. Over the years, there have been debates and reviews on the efficacy of the product.  There have been issues about the product not scientifically-proven.

Despite the publication of the reports of a study carried out, some consumers still believe no actual clinical study was done to prove the effectiveness and safety of the product. Some users have also acknowledged the swift weight loss experienced while using the product; some alleged that the entire weight lost came back and even doubled when they stopped the use of the product. Some users also believe the weight loss happens because of the intermittent fasting involved in using the product. The price of the product, according to some users, is relatively high compared to the results they get. It is believed that there are many other effective and cheaper products out there.

Complaints of adverse reactions following the use of the shakes are also on the high side. The shakes contain lactose which greatly affects lactose-sensitive users. Some users also complained that the product does not taste great. Other reviews include difficulty to sustain the weight loss program due to the torture of the starvation as well as poor customer service. Isagenix works just like most other nutritional supplements and it is usually a motivation for a healthy feeding rather than a solution for weight loss.
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