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Top 7 Infectious Diseases Tested Using ELISA Assays

ELISA or enzyme linked Immunosorbent assays involve binding of antigens and antibodies on microtiter plates in presence or absence of an enzyme and the presence orabsence of antigen or antibody detected using spectrophotometer readings. ELISA is done in four different ways, direct, indirect, competitive, and sandwich ELISA. The results are precise and ELISA is therefore the most important immunological test procedure for infections. 

Because of its accuracy in immunological reactions, the following diseases are testable:

1.     Poliomyelitis
Commonly called polio, it is a highly infectious virus disease transmissible from one person to another but more prevalent in children. There is no cure for the disease but immunizations have been carried out for decades reducing the incidences of polio. The main symptoms include stiff neck, vomiting, headache, fatigue, fever, and pain in the limbs. In extreme cases, it leads to paralysis.
2.     Chagas disease
It is caused by Trypanasomacruzi transmitted by insect vectors, the triatomine bugs. The symptoms usually go unrecognized or asymptomatic but the Romana’s sign, the swelling of the eyelid is the main symptom of the disease. The most common complications include abnormal heart rhythms, dilated heart that doesn’t pump blood well and dilated esophagus or colon.
3.     Diphtheria
An infectious disease that isn’t prevalent in America, and caused by the bacterium Corybacteriumdiphtheriae. It is characterized by a sore throat and a gray coat at the back of the throat. The bacterial toxin is dangerous and treatment involves use of antitoxins or antibiotics to kill the bacteria.
4.     Rubella
It is also called the German measles and it is a contagious virus infection characterized by a rash, sore throat, and a low fever. The measles-mumps-and Rubella vaccine offers effective protection from the disease. ELISA assays are used to test the disease and there is an ELISA test kit specially designed to detect rubella.
5.     Syphilis
It is caused by Treponemapallidum. Syphilis is a curable disease, but if left untreated, then the complications can cause dire consequences. The Treponemapallidum ELISA assay kit is used to test for the disease in patients as it’s seen in this link It is sexually transmitted and the symptoms aren’t easily recognizable. You should however report any lesions on your skin to a medical practitioner to avoid effects like blindness.
6.     Influenza A
This disease rarely infects humans but when it does, it is seen to originate whenhumans inhale air infected by the virus from birds. Contact with surfaces infected with the avian virus can also result in the disease spreading to humans. The main symptoms of the disease start from conjunctivitis to lower respiratory diseases like pneumonia that may require hospitalization. Deaths have been reported in the worst breakouts.
7.     Mycoplasma pneumonia
This is a contagious respiratory infection spread via contact with respiratory fluids. The most common symptom is a dry cough. Most of the reported cases are mild and generally diagnosed after the bacteria Mycoplasma pneumoniae multiply in the lung tissue. Corticosteroids, immunomodulatory therapy, and antibiotics are used for treatment.

Other infectious diseases tested using ELISA kits include mumps, respiratory syncytial virus, Human Parainfluenza Viruses, measles, Brucella, Aspergillosis, Amebiasis, Pertussis, schistosomiasis, and Q fever.

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Jane Hendricks is a chief pathologist at a leading hospital. Besides research and disease testing, she loves writing and surfing. To read learn more about Elisa kit, visit this link
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