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Books and movies have always shown pregnancies to be a very easy deed, wham-bam-thank-you-mam and just like that there is a child on the way. But in real life, though such ease exists among some, in general, it is rarely that easy. Given below are some parenting tips that both the parents might want to look into.

Stop taking birth control:

This might seem like a very logical step, but the point to note is that one must stop taking birth control at least a few months before the month she would want to start trying. It is well known that birth control messes up the menstrual cycle even a few cycles after consumption of it has been stopped and thus stopping it early will help prevent the adverse effects.

Check when you are ovulating:

Ovulation occurs only once every menstrual cycle and is the best time to try to conceive. A four to five day period, starting two days before actual ovulation is the most fertile time. To check when you are ovulating, the best thing to use would be a home ovulation kit available at the pharmacy. Or, to save some bucks, one might even keep track of their vaginal discharge, with more discharge corresponding to more ovulation. 

Start taking vitamins:

Parental vitamins are imperative for pregnant women but taking vitamins before the actual pregnancy, by both men and woman might end up being helpful in trying to conceive. Taking Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Folic Acid stands to provide a bunch of benefits including increased fertility in both men and women, anincrease of sperm strength and mobility.

Maintain a moderate exercise routine:

Research shows that as obesity and overweight are related to decreasing in sperm count in men, areduction in fertility,etc., and can thus provide problems when trying to get pregnant exercising vigorously is also often connected with delayed conception.  So one might want to continue with what they were doing previously and not overwork themselves here. 


Perhaps the most important of them all, it is best to try and be calm and stress-free when trying to conceive. Stress is detrimental to the mission at hand, and might even lead to a situation in which the woman would only stop ovulating. To avoid this ideal would be to unwind and enjoy the journey along the way and not to take a lot of tension. 

Reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol

There have been conclusive studies that have linked caffeine to decreased levels of fertility. The daily allowable limit of caffeine would be about 200 milligrams per day. The stay on the modest side on the alcohol front, one might want to limit themselves to one or two glasses of wine or two beers per day.

Quit smoking:

This is a horrible habit in general, but especially when trying to conceive a baby, this has nasty effects. Not only does it affect fertility, but active or passive smoking might also harm the unborn child. The only way to cut risks associated with this would be to stop smoking altogether. 

To wrap it up we can say that boosting the odds of pregnancy requires some discipline and routine, inculcating some good habits and kicking some bad ones!
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