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How Does Shakeology Taste?

If you are a health conscious person who constantly looks for ways of bettering their health, you must have come across Shakeology. This is a super protein shake supplement that can be used as a meal replacement shake. It is packed with protein and fiber that help reduce hunger and food cravings. Thus you eat less and lose weight. It also contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy immune system.

Designed to cater everybody`s taste buds, Shakeology comes in seven different flavors. It is available in greenberry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, chocolate vegan, tropical strawberry vegan and café latte.

The vanilla flavor has an inviting pleasant smell. It seems to be a favorite among many as it offers versatility when mixed with other ingredients for that cup of protein shake. The taste is not as dense as the flavors and therefore allows you to play around with it for a variety of tastes.

The greenberry, as the name suggests, has a dense green color which makes it look healthy. However, it doesn’t taste anything like berries. In fact, one would say it tastes “green.” You can taste a hint of mint flavor on this drink but on the downside, it will leave you with an aftertaste. Most people may find this overwhelming.

The chocolate flavor, as the name suggests, tastes like chocolate. However, It is a bit bitter and tastes more like the baking chocolate. It is difficult to ignore the strong chocolaty taste as it remains even when mixed with other ingredients. It has an aftertaste as well and therefore it may seem strong to most people.

The chocolate vegan flavor also has a chocolaty taste to it. When mixed with cold water, it looks kind of watery and doesn’t have the creamy texture. The taste is not significant to write about but seems to get better with continual use of the product.

The vanilla flavor tastes good when included in one of its recipes. The Greek strawberry-banana recipe is something you might want to taste. The ingredients are very simple and it is easy to put all together. All you need for this shake is;

-          1 Cup of water
-          ½ a cup of non-fat plain Greek yoghurt
-          ½ medium ripe banana
-          A handful of Ice.

Blend all the ingredients together and then what you will get is something close to a smoothie. You can add some honey or stevia if you like a sweet taste.

However, not all recipes taste good with this flavor. One of such recipes is the strawberry lemonade. I know it sounds amazing but two different strong flavors seem to somewhat clash. It is a simple recipe that has a pretty simple procedure. All you need for this recipe is a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of maple syrup. Mix them all up and you will have your vanilla lemonade Shakeology.

In a nutshell, the taste of Shakeology varies according to individual preference. What tastes good to one person may not taste the same to another person.  It is always best to try out a sample first to determine what works for you.
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