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How Does 21 Day Fix Work with Shakeology?

Investing in one’s health is the greatest investment one can ever make. A healthy lifestyle translates to good health and generally a good life. There is a lot that we can do to improve the quality of the life we live and one such way is through monitoring our weight. Excess weight is a major contributor to many life-threatening ailments and complications. Cardiovascular problems, like high blood pressure, heart disease and life conditions, like diabetes can all be attributed to excess weight.

Good news is that we can control and even prevent some of these conditions from taking place through working out and following a diet plan. One of such plans is the 21 day fix eating plan. This plan is pretty simple and easy to follow. It involves packing your food in bowls of different sizes and colors. The size of the bowl determines how much of such food you can eat and the color determines different types of food that you need to eat. The colors are classified as follows;

-          The green bowl is for vegetables
-          The purple bowl is for fruits
-          The red bowl is for proteins
-          The yellow bowl is for carbohydrates
-          The blue bowl is for  cheeses and fats
-          2 orange bowls for seeds and dressings
-          And a Shakeology cup for making mixed drinks
The containers have specific measurements to limit how much you can eat.  All you need to do is calculate your daily calorie needs to know how many containers you need to use per day. This eliminates the need to weigh the food or even write everything down to stay within the required limits.

Shakeology is a protein shake that can be used as a meal replacement shake. The Shakeology cup allows you to include a variety of protein shakes that may supplement your daily nutritional needs. Due to its high protein and fiber content, it helps reduce hunger and suppresses food cravings. So you eat less and lose weight in the process.

It comes in different flavors that allow you to enjoy the shake. You also have the option of following some of its recipes to make your ideal shake.

Since the contents of the protein shake are known, you can supplement your meal with the shake by fixing one of its many recipes. The Shakeology cup comes with measurements that allow you to know how much you need to consume and therefore you can work with your targeted calorie intake.

The Shakeology convenience pack is perfect for those people who are always on the go. It contains 24 single servings and allows you to pack and store them anywhere you want. You can have them in your office desk, car or even carry them in your gym bag when you go to work out. The beauty of it is that it mixes up quite easily and therefore helps you avoid temptations to eat unhealthy foods when hunger strikes. Having them around will help you stick to your 21 day fix diet plan and realize your goals.
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