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4 Tooth Whitening Options Everyone Must Know About

Thanks to advancements in modern day dentistry, today nobody has to suffer under the yoke of teeth stains and teeth discoloration; both of which can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you have children and live in Avondale, for instance, then finding a children dentist avondale az who can help whiten your kid’s teeth should not be too difficult. Unfortunately, even though there are somany teeth whitening options from which anyone can choose, there are still very many individuals in the world who continue to live with permanently discolored teeth. There are many reasons that can be put forward to explain this reluctance but perhaps the most convincing of these reasons is the fact that these people are simply not aware of the teeth whitening options that are available to them. In addition, those who have some knowledge of the available procedures have the misguided notion that the costs of undergoing the teeth whitening procedures are very high and beyond their reach.

Here is a list of 4 teeth whitening options available for anyone wishing to have sparkling white teeth. It is worth pointing out here that this list is not exhaustive and only consists of the most common or most popular teeth whitening options that are available and not all of them. Here goes;

1.       Teeth whitening strips; these are dental strips that are specifically designed to help people get rid of teeth stains and teeth discoloration. You do not have to visit a dentist in order to obtain these strips (but you should definitely seek the advice of your dentist before you use these strips) since they are locally available and can be bought from your local drug store. You simply cover the teeth to be whitened using the strip and leave it there for a few minutes. Then remove the strip and brush your teeth as usual. Do this every day until you are satisfied with the results. The results of this procedure are not instant or immediate but you should notice significant changes in your teeth color within a few weeks from the time you begin.
2.       Laser teeth whitening; this is a clinical procedure that should only be carried out by a qualified, professional cosmetic dentist.  The theory behind this procedure is pretty basic even though the equipment used is complex and advanced. The dentist uses a laser beam directed at your teeth to get rid of the stains that may be causing the teeth discoloration.  The results of this teeth whitening procedure are immediate. On the dull side, laser teeth whitening is one of the most expensive of all the teeth whitening procedures and you should definitely be prepared to dig deep into your pockets if you are contemplating it. Its side effects, contrary to what most people believe, are mild and fade off on their own after a short time.
3.       Teeth whitening gel; this works in almost the same manner as the teeth whitening strips. You apply the teeth whitening gel over the surface of the teeth that need to be whitened and leave it there for a few minutes before rinsing the mouth thoroughly with water.
4.       Dental rinses; the dental rinses do a lot more than simply whiten the teeth, even though that is the primary task for which many people buy the dental rinses. They also help in killing any bacteria that may be present in the mouth.
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