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Vision Correction Surgery Types-Benefits, Risks, And More

There was a time when people used to wear glasses for correcting the refracting errors in their vision, but it is very hard to wear glasses all the time, and sometimes it creates problems during a work and also can be broken very easily. Then scientists developed contact lenses, which are more effective for correcting the vision problems, but sometimes these create several eye infections which can be very dangerous.

All of these are for correcting the errors in the vision and not a permanent solution, and so you have to change these several times in your life to minimize your vision error properly. But with the advancement of technology now scientists are able to invent a process known as laser surgery by which you can reshape your eye cornea so that you can properly focus on any object without using any glasses or contact lenses.

Types Of Vision Correction Surgery

The first vision correction surgery developed by the scientists is PRK or photorefractive keratectomy. This is basically a refractive surgery, and this process is used for curing farsightedness, nearsightedness and also astigmatism. Here the success rate was comparatively low and take some days to complete the process properly, but very much useful for the people who have a thin cornea. But nowadays eye surgeons prefer to do laser surgeries for curing the vision problems.

There are two types of laser surgeries such as traditional laser surgery and Intra LASIK. Though the procedures of both the laser surgeries are same, but there is some difference in the instruments which are used for the eye surgeries. In traditional laser surgery a mechanical tool named as a microkeratome is used to create the flap in the clear front of the eye to cover the cornea, but in IntraLASIK, no such instrument is used, and a special laser is used along with an excimer laser to create that flap.

Benefits Of Vision Correction Surgeries

First of all, these surgeries are a permanent solution for your eyes, as here, reshaping of your cornea is done so that light can enter properly through the retina and you can properly focus on the different objects. Here the degree of aberration is reduced to a minimum level. Again, sometimes people feel night vision problems after these operations, but now wavefront technology is used with these surgeries, and it can help you a lot to get rid of from this night vision problem.

Risks And Side Effects Of Vision Correction Surgeries

Though these eye surgeries are very much safe, but sometimes different people face various types of side effects after the surgery. Again, in a traditional laser surgery if the microkeratome is not used properly then it can affect the vision forever. Sometimes after the surgery, people suffer from eye infections; although these infections can be easily treated with different types of eye drops. The different side effects of these surgeries are dry eye, night vision problems, glare, etc. and sometimes eye surgeon can also recommend you to undergo re-treatments.
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