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The Top Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

It has been the perception of many that golf is the rich man's game or the game of the exclusive group of people who lives with prestige lifestyle. Golf courses also have been associated to business dealings where the million dollars of contract being discussed and closed during the game rather than the conventional way that happen in the office conference room.

Of late public golf courses are booming in every part of the world, golf tour tournaments and golf programs are slowly sipping into the lifestyle of healthy people; where more and more people is now indulging into this sport. Just like any other sports activities, many has realized that golfing is fun, challenging and promotes good physical activity that gives wellness to the body and mind.

Golfing requires the right skill to play the game, the right mind set to focus and plan and a fit body to complete the 18 holes course. Therefore this sport game has started to attract the interest of younger generation and female golfers too. A game of golf need not be expensive; there are many used clubs for sale, public golf courses that are inexpensive and driving range that are good for practice.

Health Benefits of Golf.

There several benefits that are associated with golfing that lead to a safe and healthy life. Below we discuss some of these advantages. 

1. Good sleep 

Study has revealed that continuous exercise increases your quality of sleeping. With regular exercise, you tend to fall asleep faster and remain in a deeper sleep for a long. Sleep is seen as important in that it gives time for your muscles to relax and repair themselves. Playing a round of golf by day will probably increase the nature of your sleep, which is simply one more one of the health advantages of playing golf.

2. Golf can help you manage your weight

Playing golf can play a key role in reducing and managing weight, which is a problem for a lot of people these days. The sport might not involve running and jumping and other strenuous activities, but you can still shed off some of those unwanted pounds just from the amount of walking involved in the sport of golf and safe and healthy life.

And there is some proof that playing the game of golf can have some positive impact as far as reducing weight and managing it is concerned. The Mayo clinic has said that playing about an hour of golf is going to help you in burning around 330 to 490 calories.

Of course there are certain conditions on how you could get to burn as much calories as that. You need to carry your own golf clubs and you also have your golf push cart and simply walk instead.

3. Absorb essential vitamin D from the sun

Another health benefit we get from playing golf include the increased exposure to the sun. While we can take some foods which are high in vitamin D, our bodies can actually make the entire amount of vitamin it needs just by catching some sun while playing golf. Vitamin D is known for strong bones; it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Vitamin D also helps regulate the growth of skin cells. Vitamin D is famous for its effects on bone health, but it has now been shown to lower risk of some cancers. There is evidence that vitamin D can lower the risk of developing breast, ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancers. And it is quite essential for the body since it helps in regulating the amount of phosphorous and calcium in the body, as well as being important in making our bones strong and in regulating skin cell growth giving us a safe and healthy life.

A sunny walk on the golf course builds vitamin D, but did you know that it can also help you feel good? Sunlight causes your body to increase its production of serotonin, one of several "feel good" chemicals. Low levels of serotonin can cause symptoms of depression and a feeling of "blah." In fact, many anti-depressant medications try to build serotonin levels.

4. Use golf to increase your endurance

For those who have questioned whether golf can really qualify as a physical exercise that can be beneficial to those who play it, their doubt does not have any solid foundation at all. Maybe they haven't tried the sport, but for those who do play it regularly, they are well aware that their physical endurance is enhanced through constant playing.

That's because golf provides a great aerobic workout that results in tremendous benefits to the body. We all know that an aerobic workout helps in reducing a person's chances of developing heart disease, helps lower blood pressure, and also helps in reducing risks in some types of cancer.

5. Social

One of the greatest health benefits we get in playing golf is that it is a social game. There's a lot of time for a chat with friends while you get to know new ones. Friends making increases endorphins, which also helps in mental outlook and its related with an overall feeling in well being. Study has revealed that seniors who remain social as well as friendly live up to 6 years longer to those that don't. 

Enjoy the health benefits of playing golf and grab your clubs and balls in your golf push cart. Go set out to the golf course and enjoy a day in the sun. As you can see, there is a lot of good in doing so for a healthy life.
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