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Safe cure for sciatica can be a mix of physical therapies and medicines!

One of the nervous problems that have bogged down mankind since long is sciatica. It is mainly due to the nerves and results in an uneasy pain all the time which may get escalated at times. It mostly affects the lower limbs and can immobilise the victim for quite some time.

Symptoms of sciatica
The most notable symptom of the disorder is a constant pain in either or both of the lower limbs. The pain generates from the lower end of the spinal cord and traverses through the buttocks to the lower limbs.It may remain subdued for quite some time and become intense at some other times as well.

Reasons for sciatica
This is basically a problem of the nerve. The nerves leading to the lower limbs from the lower portion of the spinal cord at times get obstructed or stressed out due to various reasons. As a result of this, the monitoring of blood flow and muscle movements at the lower limbs get obstructed, which over time leads to disorder and related pain.

There can be a large gamut of reasons for this obstruction to the nerves. A very common one is a herniated or a protruding disk, which may occur at any of the disks the spinal cord is made up of. Spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis are some other common reasons for the problem. The Piriformis syndrome and Pseudosciatica can be certain other reasons for the problem.

Cure for sciatica
In order to cure sciatica, a mixture of treatments is resorted to. The physical therapy for sciatica is one of the common ways to do it. The exercises that it includes must be learnt from trained experts who can offer the chosen few exercises not to aggravate the pain. In some cases, the age of the patient also has to be considered that only a trained person can do.

 These exercises help in releasing the blocked nerves from the point of obstruction. This results in a freer flow of blood through the region thereby releasing the accumulated stress and hence the pain. But since the obstruction has many reasons to work in its favour that can get the condition back, regular and continual exercising is a pre-requisite.

The physical therapy for sciatica does not include only exercising; it in fact comes with other supporting forms as well. One of the very common methods used is the application of external heat- this can relax the affected area and help in release of the blockage and freer flow of blood. Once again, it is a repetitive process that can be stopped only after frequent monitoring of the situation after some time.

These have to be supplemented with the right kind of medicines. The medicines can help in suppressing the pain and also relaxing the muscles. They can be tried for limited period of usage since too frequent use can result in other side effects getting developed. A safer way is to always lean on the physical therapies for the long term.
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