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How to Maximize Wind Noise Reduction In Your Car

If you’re ever driving down the road and you hear a high pitch whistling sound, you’ve more than likely got a wind noise problem. You’ll know its wind noise under the following circumstances: you’re driving at a high speed or you’re stationary and it’s windy out. Proper car noise reduction can reduce or eliminate the sound of wind altogether when you’re driving. It’s an annoying sound and leaving areas open where wind is getting in allows other things like bugs and water to get in as well.

If there’s Wind Noise Coming In From the Door Seals

The first thing you need to do before treatment is find out where the leak is and how the air is getting in.

-          The leak could be coming from cracked door seals or gaskets. You may also have caskets that were fitted poorly and there’s a very easy way to test for this. Simply have some compressed air ready and sit inside the car while another person sprays the air around the suspected area of the leak.
-          One of the primary locations for air leaks in a car door is right where the door seal ends. The seals of the door bond which complete a ring and this is where the majority of people find their leakage problem.
-          Sometimes, the rubber seals have come loose or need replaced. There’s a cost effective and easy solution to this in the form of weather strips. There’s plenty of adhesive weather strips for vehicles made by various companies with a simple search.
-          In luxury vehicles, most of them come with two sets of rubber seals so that car noise reduction is reduced. You may want to add another set of rubber seals if your vehicle didn’t come with two.
-          Another option instead of multiple seals is to replace your existing seals with seals that sit higher to close any gap that is left behind by the original.

If there’s Wind Noise Coming In From the Window Seals

Commonly, faulty door seals are usually the problem when it comes to air leakage and wind noises. In rare exceptions, you may have bad window seals allowing air to leak in. If this is the case, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than replacing the window seals and these are usually pretty cost effective.

Other Things You Can Do

You can try taping over drain holes on the bottom of your side mounted rear view mirrors. However, please be careful in doing so because drain holes exist on these mirrors for a reason. You should leave at least the most bottom one open. Also, use loose fitting duct tape to test out the hole and see if that’s the issue before you use a permanent solution like a strong adhesive.

Some people might find that there’s a hole or a gap that doesn’t get covered well with tape. For this, you can use specialized glue from a hardware store or use some RTV silicone. Lastly, make sure that when you’re on the road testing these out that you’re not looking around and distracted while driving. Bring a friend if you have to.
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