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Discover the Mind-Blowing Benefit of Planting Trees

Plants are like lungs of the planet; they breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. They provide habitat for the animals but it’s not only what they do. There are many essential benefits of planting trees to the planet and to people.

However, there are many ways of gardening. It may include urban gardening, home gardening and so on. So, what may be the benefits of it? The following statement is the amazing benefits of planting trees for urban and home gardening. Below are the benefits of planting trees for home gardening:
Ø  Improve surrounding
Planting trees is one of the easiest ways to improve and beautify our gardens. Home garden trees help reduce carbon footprint.
Ø  Reduce energy cost
Trees, when positioned properly, will not only make our home cooler but helps us to cut energy cost all over the year. It gives our home a cool air during spring and summer so we can less the usage of the air conditioner. Also, they block the harsh blowing winds and prevent insulation.
Ø  Home to nature
Planting trees at homes attract wildlife to yard giving them the place to rest and escape predators. They also offer valuable food sources such as pollen, nectar, fruits, and nuts.
Ø  Nature’s magnificence
Trees are magnificence from the vibrant flowers in spring to luxuriant green leaves in the summer and vibrant colors in the fall, plants provide an ever-changing landscape.

                To summarize it all, planting trees can help define a space, create little privacy and shady retreat. For choosing the right plants, it’s better to know where it will be planted and what do we want to accomplish.

Benefits of planting trees for urban gardening:

Ø  Increasing property values
Street trees increase the “curtail” appeal of properties in a time of selling.
Ø  Produce oxygen, clean the air and diminish global warming
As a product of photosynthesis, trees produce oxygen. Healthy trees supply the oxygen required for a single person for a year.
A tree cleanses the air by absorbing greenhouse gasses which contribute to global warming.
More trees in urban neighborhoods can lower the incidence of asthma.
Ø  Urban gardens reduce floods and water pollution
Trees reduce floods and water pollution by capturing rain and mature trees can store up to 50-100 gallons of water during large storms.
Ø  Trees peaceful traffic
The mere presence of a tree reduces the speed of drivers (as they enjoy the environment), frequency and severity of crashes.
Ø  Sidewalk gardens reduce crime
It’s been said that the greener the surroundings have lower levels of fear and violent behavior because it promotes a greater sense of community and alleviates mental fatigue –a precursor to aggressive behavior.

Another benefit of planting trees for people is that it helps then to concentrate better while at home. A study says that tasks performed under the calming influence of nature are performed better and yield a higher quality result.

We must plant more trees to take full advantages of all the stated benefits available to us.
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