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An In-depth Look Into Web Hosting

Web hosting is the crux and the backbone of the internet. All of the websites you like to visit and all of your favorite bookmarks ad nothing more than an IP address. The data stored on those websites has to be delivered to your computer for you to see the website upon visiting but in order for any of this to happen, that data has to be stored somewhere. This is what a web host is for. They hold records for domain names, data for websites and SQL databases for large websites with dynamic data like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

With that being said, there’s also different web hosting services for different needs available. You should choose one based on the specialization you’re looking for, after doing in-depth research on the host to make sure you’re getting the best possible service for your dollar.

The Different Kinds of Web Hosting Services

-          Email service providers and hosts like Gmail exist for companies that need a place to send their marketing material to their customers. When you sign up and opt-in on a website, you’re placed in a list where companies will then send you newsletters, updates or promotional material.
-          Basic hosting services are for small websites or small companies that need to get their website online. Here, you’ll find only the basics like cPanel access and you’ll be put on a cheap shared hosting plan.
-          Reseller hosting is for web development agencies or people looking to build websites for people and host them under a host. The more clients you acquire, the better the server you’ll need so the cost will increase. You can charge a monthly price for all your clients under reseller hosting and make pretty decent money.

However, with being a reseller comes responsibility. When anything goes wrong (and believe me, things do go wrong), they’ll be calling you and asking you to fix it.

-          Virtual host providers allow people to connect to a machine somewhere else in the world and utilize that for any legal reason they’d like. There are people who use VPS machines for illegal reasons but you’re not untraceable and the hosts have no problem reporting you.
-          For large websites and companies looking to operate on a large scale, there’s dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting puts you on your own server and with that server comes a much higher price than shared hosting.


The pricing for hosting is generally pretty cheap. Basic hosting is usually only a few bucks a month while dedicated and reseller hosting plans can ramp up to hundreds a month. Registering a domain that represents your company and brand name is under $10 in most cases and only accrues a small annual fee.

Choosing the best web host provider depends on your needs, your budget and what you’re looking to do. Most of the time, you can get away with a basic shared hosting package but if you’re looking to expand or host other websites under you, you’ll need a reseller account. Only choose a hosting provider after you’ve done your research to find out which one is the best for you and your company.
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