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5 Habits That Can Change the Way You Live By Izza Glino

Warning! These five habits can change the way you live your life. Now that a few months left before a new year begin it is best to have a quick mid-year review and check on that can improve your health, your relationship to others and your life in general.

Mastering the Art of Meditation

It has been proven that meditation has enormous benefits to one’s life. It can make your life happier by clearing the negative energy in your mind. It makes you more content and more conscious on your surroundings.  It helps you understand your own mind and cultivate your constrictive thoughts. Learning the art of meditation can enable you to live a stress-free life and achieve focus in the crazy world we currently live. 

Living a Sustainable Life

There are plenty of tips to live more sustainable at home, work or everywhere. Try to start your own simple functional garden at home. Fill empty containers with good soil and grow your own herbs or vegetable plant. You’ll have fresher and tastier ingredients to your salad and everyday meals. You can also switch to natural cleaning solutions instead of chemical infused products available in the market. Basic household ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice for example can make a great green cleaning recipe plus much cheaper than chemical items. Make sure that you conserve energy by turning off appliances when not in use. Learning to live more sustainably will surely change your life for the better.

Having a Social Media Detox

Taking a social media detox for a day, a week or a month will enable you to live life again as it is. It’s time for you to spend quality time with your family and friends without getting distracted by the sound of your notification. Plan a week in advance and create a social media detox that will regain your focus to what’s most important in your life. You will find yourself less anxious to know what everyone else has been doing. Instead you will realize that there are plenty of things you can actually do that are for more worthy of your time and attention. While on a social media detox you can actually start reading that book you’ve always wanted to read. Organize your closet to create you first capsule wardrobe to work or set some goals and mini to do list before the year ends.

Building a Morning Routine

One thing common to successful person you might want to know about is that they have built a solid morning routine in their life. Maximize your morning by creating a ritual that makes you look forward for the day ahead. Routines such as journaling, eating breakfast, morning jog around the neighborhood, etc. can give you the right motivation to live amazingly every day. Having a morning routine for yourself will make you feel more accomplished and more productive at all times.

Tidying Your Bed As Soon As You Get Up

This may seem such an easy task but most of us forget the importance of making our bed in the morning. This small chore can change your life by letting you check off the very first box in your to do list. If you make it a habit to tidy your bed as soon as you get up you’ll learn the power of discipline. Having this sense of fulfillment first things first will give so much positivity in your day. Also it is always best to go to a clean bed after a tiring day at work.
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