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What you need about Kojic acid ingredient in cosmetic products and how safe it is to use for skin lightening

I think it is a rhetorical question if I ask who doesn’t want a fairer and lighter skin. In today’s world where looks play an important role, it is not a matter of choice but priority to have an attractive skin tone. There are different and a wide variety of cosmetic products available in the market for this purpose. But the question is how effective are they and most importantly how safe are they?
What is Kojic acid?
Among other options available, cosmetics like soaps made from Kojic acid are known to be most effective in the long run. Kojic acid is the main ingredient used in all its cosmetic products. Kojic acid is derived from a mushroom in Japan which resembles fungi and is found to be an organic compound. This acid is also used in Japan for Japanese rice wine.

Some of the benefits of using Kojic acid based cosmetics products are:

This ingredient helps fight against the skin problems like hyper pigmentation, melasma and dark spots.
It helps reduction in the melanin level in the skin hence fighting off freckles.
The best advantage of this ingredient is a boon for teenagers with hyper acne problems. Kojic acid is highly recommended by dermatologists for washing off bacteria which are the main culprits for the formation of acnes and blemishes on the skin.
The main cause of skin darkness and dullness is the dirt, whiteheads and blackheads that cover the actual tone of our skin. Kojic acid is highly effective to get rid of them and bloom back your original skin tone.
But why cosmetics made of Kojic acid….?

People, today, are more conscious about their looks and appearances than ever before. Majority of them have dealt with the painful and usually humiliating effects of skin troubles like big red and painful acnes, dark spots, uneven skin tone, dark under eye shadows etc. And it is least to say that such people must have gone to great lengths to get rid of them and many times even failed. For such disheartened people I would suggest the use of this cosmetic product which would work wonders for them without causing further damage.
How safe is it?

Having said the above, you must be wondering how safe it is to use products with Kojic acid as the main ingredient. To answer your question, it is a very effective product but it must be used with awareness.
Kojic acid is known to reduce melanin level of your skin. Meaning of which your new skin will be highly sensitive to the effects of the sun.
If you are looking for immediate results then this is not the product for you. The effects of this ingredient take time to set in but are long-lasting.There may be some side effects but they need not be cause for panic:

Unnatural dryness of the skin but a good moisturizer is more than enough to help relieve the dryness.
The dryness can also cause your skin to be sensitive and itchy which once again can be solved with a good skin whitening cream (http://lighterskin.org/best-skin-lightening-creams/).  You could feel a little inflammation or irritated skin if you already have a sensitive skin. But this is not applicable to all skin types as the proportion or Kojic acid in its cosmetic product is not so high to cause it.
All of the above side effects are very temporary or until your skin gets used to the product. After that you can reap the benefits of the product in the form of a lighter skin tone and relieve your skin from all its problems
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