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Seat belts: why you should fasten them

The fact that roads are unpredictable is known even to novice drivers and no matter how experienced you are, there is always a possibility of getting into an accident, because apart from you and your skills, it also important that you have the perfect technical condition of your car, as well as it is important that you meet adequate drivers on the road. However, while it is possible to maintain your car, especially a reliable one like Jeep Wrangler, in good condition and be confident while driving, it is impossible to avoid inadequate drivers. For this reason, traffic accidents are very common.

It is during an accident that you can save your life, if you fasten your safety belts and if they car has proper airbags. Although many drivers believe that the seat belts in cars are an unnecessary thing, and some of them neglect to fasten them.

Let us try to understand if we actually need seat belts, or we could do without them.

To be honest, a seat belt was invented for a reason. After all, during the time when cars were manufactured without them, both the passengers and the driver had to rely exclusively on good fortune. At that time, there were a lot of deaths during accidents. It is only when they began to produce cars with seat belts that lethal accidents began to recede. Nevertheless, despite all this, drivers still continue to drive unfastened today.

Although some drivers believe that if they fly out from the cabin they are more likely to survive, but it is not the case. After all, when a person flies out of a car at the same speed they were traveling at, they can get great damage by the impacting force, not to mention the fact that they can get under the wheels. In this regard, motorcycles are more dangerous, because, even with a good motor-equipment, riders get much more injury than drivers, as motorists are protected by the seat belt, as well as the car body itself.

Some do not fasten their seat belts thinking that if a fire were to occur they would be able to leave the car faster. Maybe they would be right, but it has been proven that not a single driver was ever killed in a fire due to the fact that they were fastened. Most often, tragic cases occur during a strong blow and loss of consciousness, and a driver that has not fastened their seat belt has all the chances to get this same strong blow.

Most drivers do not fasten seat belts when traveling along urban roads thinking that the belt is not necessary at low speeds. However, a collision at the speed up to 40 kilometers per hour is equivalent to you jumping off the fourth floor.

As you can see, seat belts are a must and nothing bad will happen to you if you take a second to fasten them whereas in return you will increase your chances of surviving an accident a lot even if you are driving a very safe car like Dodge Journey or BMW X5.
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