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Kids with Bedwetting Alarms

Many children by the age of 4 or 5 years become conscious of their health and hygiene and begin to understand the different aspects of daily routine. By this age every child becomes quite aware about the different aspects of their personality and is supposed to act mature with the different needs. One such aspect is getting up at night to urinate when there is need or requirement, this is very complex issue and many children upto 4 to 5 years wet their bed.

The practice of bedwetting by the age of 5 or 6 seems to end but in cases where the problem persists, the child may end up wetting their bed till another year or two. This problem is quite embarrassing for your kid as well as for you and if the bed wetting does not stop naturally you can take the help of doctors. You can also opt for enuresis alarm that proves quite useful and slowly, steadily helps your child to become more conscious at night and help them to get up to urinate.

The working of the alarm and the possible features and benefits

  • Bedwetting after certain age can prove quite embarrassing and is not a healthy sign at all. The bedwetting alarms are quite useful and help in suitable way to develop a sense among your child and develop the practice of waking up in the middle of the night for urinating.
  • The alarms are designed using the moisture sensor and raises an alarm as an when there is any trace of liquid or moisture in the clothing or pajama. Quite handy, the alarm keeps on ringing and motivates your children to get up and complete the act without making the bed wet.
  • The bedwetting alarm is quite handy and with time can help your children in quite a significant manner. With 4 to 6 weeks in use the children develop the habit of getting up along with alarm. Slowly, the habit turns into a routine and within 10 to 12 weeks the child becomes extra aware about his urination and may not need the help of alarms.

Types of bedwetting alarms

Wireless bedwetting alarms – This type is based on the latest technology and utilizes two wired discreet technology. The alarm is quite useful and creates the loudest alarm when the sensor is activated. The alarm is quite advanced and can be paired with parent alarm to make active the parents as and when the alarm gets active. Quite safe in operation, the alarm is fully protected from each side and is designed with best electronics to give reliable performance.

Body worn alarms – Another quite important and useful alarm type, the body worn alarm is equipped with sensors from both sides of the machine. This alarm type is quite suitable for kids who like to sleep quite deep and gives some finest quality sound when alarmed. With simple electronics, the machine is quite affordable and easy to clean and gives best results for long period.
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