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Features Of Health Care Services In Singapore

Singapore is the most developed among the Asian countries be it in what so ever terms. The strict laws and regulations that are followed by all, adds to the charm of the nation. The high standards of cleanliness followed here are commendable. Among all the highlights one important feature of the Singaporean economy is its attractive medical service. Singapore medical service is just like any other aspect best among the Asian countries if the world as a whole.


What one wishes for when undergoing a stressful state of mind while pursuing medical treatment is comfort not always in terms of physical comfort but also in terms of mental level. One best aspect of Singaporeans medical service is that it follows the English language as one of the prime language thereby making it easy for people to communicate especially those who arrive there from abroad to get a medical treatment, the factor that acts as icing on the cake for the medical system there. Not to forget millions of patients visit Singapore every year to get themselves cured. Another aspect is the cleanliness and the world class infrastructure. Highly professional attitude of the staff there is another aspect.


The medical expenses that one has to incur here are quite high as compared to the other Asian countries. However, if all the services are taken into consideration then the high cost of the treatment pays for itself as one gets the best of health care services compared to any other Asian nation. Additionally the world class infrastructure and treatment facilities can be compared to those that are available in the developed nations of the world but with a difference that here at Singapore you get the same facilities at the comparatively lower price. One feature that is remarkable is that there is no price mark up for foreigners there.


This nation has the lowest corruption rate and many of the clinics and medical facilities have accreditation by JCI. The clinics are regularly updated for the safety and the reliability with more focus being laid on the biotechnological innovations focusing on new and rare treatment. The doctors at Singapore are highly qualified and also undergo practice in foreign clinics that too on regular basis. High safety standards are maintained in blood transfusion. There are certain clinics that adopt techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. The health care system of Singapore was ranked 6th by WHO in 2000 and 1st by Bloomberg in 2014.


The most uncomfortable feature is the hot and humid climate of the nation that makes it difficult for many of the patients to form a comfort zone there. Additionally the cost of living is also too high. Patients have to take lo9ng distance flights from Europe, US and Canada. The cost of treatment here is high as compared to any other Asian country but this cannot be purely considered a drawback as the facilities provided there are categorized as the world class.

All in all, Singapore has the best medical sector among all the Asian countries.
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