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Women Aren’t the Only Ones Who can Be Uncomfortable with Hair

Once thought to a procedure for women, laser hair removal has recently become more common amongst men as well. Just as women have hair that makes them uncomfortable, men do too. More often men grow a thick layer of hair in places like; their chest, their back, their stomach and even their neck. Even though men do not have the same self-conscious feelings as women, this abundance of hair growth can make them uncomfortable too. It can prevent them from doing activities that require no shirt and can stop them from doing things they enjoy because they do not want people to see. Sometimes men can even grow hair in their ears which is an impossible place to shave or wax. There is no need to worry however, as laser hair removal can reduce the hair growth in the most uncomfortable places. Canada MedLaser is one of the clinics that can assist with removing this unwanted hair and making men more comfortable in their skin, and they say men are an ever-growing clientele for this treatment.

What Laser Hair Removal Does 

The laser used to remove hair is determined by the type of skin and type of hair in the affected areas. A doctor will evaluate and determine which one will do the job correctly and efficiently. The laser, when applied to the area, burns the root of the hair. This makes it harder for hair to regrow in the follicle and when it does it will be noticeably lighter than before. The treatment will take several sessions to complete and may need to be touched up each year. It will, however allow men to be more comfortable with participating in activities that would require them to remove their shirts.

Side Effects

Side effects of the treatment are minimal and essentially painless. There will be some discomfort to the affected area but this is normal and means the treatment was done right. Some swelling and redness will occur but should fade fairly quickly. Each treatment will occur usually between 1-3 months apart, so you should expect to have these symptoms each time the procedure is performed. 

Growing Trend in Hair Removal

Men are seeking the assistance of laser hair removal more and more due to the minimal invasiveness of the treatment. They are also looking for an easier way to remove hair than by shaving or painful waxing. Laser treatment do not hurt but do cause some discomfort, making them more appealing than any other method. Another reason men are seeking the use of laser hair removal is because of the almost permanent nature of its effects. While the hair will not stop growing completely, it will reduce significantly and may seem non-existent. 

If you are a man who is looking for an easy way to get rid of unwanted hair and feel more comfortable with your body, laser hair removal is definitely an easy alternative to shaving and waxing. Plus, the effects seem to last a lot longer giving you more of a chance to enjoy yourself before having to think about the hair again. Consider speaking with a doctor to discuss the treatment and what it would mean for you.
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