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Why is Golf More Than Just a Game to Women Golfers?

The sophisticated sport of golf suffers from a bad rep of being a man's game. However, in recent times, the dynamics have undergone a sea change and more and more women golfers are joining the golfing bandwagon.  Thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities at the golf resorts, women can have one of the best vacations of their life while enjoying their favorite sport. Modern women have plenty of amenities to look forward to including various scenic courses, stay and play packages, and lavish resorts.

For example, many who participate in the various golf tournaments in Texas and other popular US courses also enjoy the spa treatments, fitness center, banquet and pool. This is proof that women are taking an active interest in golf and they are having a good time while they are at it. If you are planning a visit to a golf resort, following are a few of the most innovative and enjoyable amenities that you can look forward to:

Pamper Yourself at the Spa

All the best golf courses in the world have spa facilities that promise comfort and relaxation. Just take a trip to the spa after a grueling round of golf to unwind. If the idea of rediscovering yourself and finding inner peace appeals to you, there is no better place for you than a golf spa. Each session rejuvenates you and leaves you glowing with health and vigor. Most golf clubs hire only professional masseuses who are trained in the art of relaxation and can massage all your stress away in a jiffy. A soothing foot, face, head or full body massage is always a great idea to calm your nerves prior to hitting the fairways.

Plenty of spas on the golf course leave you spoiled for choice with their amazing selection of invigorating and healthy skin treatments. Soak in the delightful sense of tranquility as you undergo anti-aging processes and facials to get rid of all your skin problems.

Achieve All Your Health Goals at the Fitness Center

Group classes are extremely popular among women who visit the fitness center at the golf courses. There are diverse exercise regimes to choose from, such as stretching activities, yoga and Pilates. An entire facility devoted to the health needs of women is too lucrative a choice to pass up. This is why many women gather at the center to not just maintain their fitness levels, but also to brush up on their networking skills and foster connections. Women in business are able to interact with other successful ladies from the industry while working out in the gym.

Beat the Heat in the Pool

It becomes difficult to enjoy a game of golf during the hot summer months due to the constant feeling of exhaustion. This is the right moment to try out the swimming pool at the golf club. A nice, cool dip will be a welcome change from the Texan heat. Alternatively,  you can also soak your feet idly while sipping on a tall glass of lemonade.

More and more golf courses are embracing the idea of introducing new amenities to lure women to the club. There’s little wonder that women who participate in the golf tournaments in Texas also love the many boutiques that offer clothing from popular brands to ladies so that they can get a leg up over the competition. If you were looking for one more reason to hit the golf course, you just got one.

For women, golf is much more than a simple game – it is a way for them to unwind and relax while showcasing their athletic prowess on the course. If you want to mix sports and relaxation, there is hardly a better choice than golf. Head to a course and tee off some great moments.
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