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Silymarin which is a unique supplement is derived from milk thistle plant. It contains silybin, silydianin and silychrisin. There are unique phytochemicals in these supplements which are on research from many years to find the benefits of them. 

From milk thistle 

The milk thistle common name is taken from the plant and it has white marks on it. This silymarin can be used as protectant for liver and decongestant. This milk thistle can be used for cleansing the liver and spleen.  This Silymarin is used for treating the liver problems. It can also treat the veins and even solve the menstrual problems as well as kidney disorders. Firstly this Silymarin was discovered as a food product which was used in salads. This has many benefits, it can be used for treating the liver diseases like cirrhosis, hepatitis as well as fatty infiltration. These are all caused by alcohol and other toxins.

Treats liver cells

This Silymarin is used to protect liver cells against toxins and for treating the liver cells damage. The regenerative liver cells which are damaged by drugs and alcohol usage is treated with this Silymarin. It also helps on decongesting the liver. The liver decongestant helps in stimulating the flow of bile from liver and gallbladder. This reduces the formation of stones and other liver damages which are due to bile induction. This will also be cured by using Silymarin. Silymarin also increases the survival rates, who are suffering from cirrhosis. This supplement also helps in curing the viral hepatitis. It also protects from harmful industrial poisons like carbon tetracholoride which is colorless gas. Silymarin also protects the liver from Pharmaceutics which will affect the liver with stress like acetaminophen and tetracycline. Silymarin acts as antidote and it helps in preventing the poison which can be caused by mushroom.

Removes radicals causing damage

This Silymarin works as antioxidant removing the free radicals which will damage the cells which are exposed to the toxins. This Silymarin is more powerful than any other antioxidant which has vitamin E.Silymarin also increases the glutathione content in liver. This glutathione will be helpful for detoxifying hormones and drugs. This high level in glutathione will help in detoxifying the liver capacity. Silymarin also helps in increasing the antioxidant level enzymes and dismutase the cell cultures.Silymarin also produces protein in the liver which helps in increasing the new liver cells which will replace the old damaged cells. Silymarin also helps in synthesis of leukotrienes. Silymarin helps in treating the alcoholic diseases. There are no side effects when this silymarin is used for liver diseases and the results are good for long term treatment also. This is beneficial and is never harmful. Silymarin is also used in treating patients who are effected by liver damage caused by alcohol. Silymairn also helps in fighting with cancer causing properties. The silymarin will produce the anti cancer properties. They even develop angiogenesis inhibitors which are cell regulators and help in killing the cancer cells. Silymarin also has huge capacity to interfere with the cancer cell growth and angiogenesis.
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