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According to the National Safety Council, over 38,000 U.S. residents were killed in road fatalities in 2015 and 4.4 million sustained injuries in such incidents in the same year. Road safety is definitely not something you can take for granted. This is particularly true if you live in Orlando, which earned the dubious distinction of being the second-most dangerous location for car crash fatalities in the country, in 2010.

As you can guess, the numbers of crashes that didn’t turn fatal were also pretty high in this city. What would you do if you were in such an accident? Probably call up an experienced auto accident doctor in Orlando. But don’t you wish that such a situation never arose? We have a few tips that can help you stay safe on the road.

Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape
Regular maintenance of your vehicle may seem to be a hassle and definitely one that makes a dent in your pocket. But remember that these are small inconveniences when you consider that this can save you hundreds of dollars in medical bills, insurance or even a lawsuit.

Make sure that your car or van is regularly checked by a reliable mechanic and any repairs or replacements are carried out promptly as per his advice. If you don’t want your brakes failing you at the crucial moment or worn down tires skidding across the road in heavy traffic, you should be keeping your vehicle in good condition at all times.

Avoid Driving When You Are Not Fit 
It is not safe to drive when you have been drinking. We all know that, but do we also give enough attention to our overall fitness and alertness levels before we get behind the wheel? If you are the kind to drive home after pulling an all-nighter at the office, or when you are feeling sick or exhausted, remember that this can be as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Your mental alertness and physical fitness play a crucial role in helping you drive safely and an even more crucial role in determining how well you respond to potentially risky situations on the road. All accidents are not caused by your own negligence. You could be seriously injured in an accident that is caused by another’s careless driving and you could save yourself if you are alert enough to take quick evasive action. Another aspect to remember is to avoid driving when conditions are bad or the light is low.

Adjust Driving Position to Have Better Control
Talk to people who have escaped a bad crash with minimal injuries and many of them will tell you that they were able to respond quickly because they had complete control of their own vehicle. A simple way to have better control of your car is to adjust your sitting position in the right way.  Follow these tips:
  • Pull your seat closer to the steering wheel
  • Rest your wrist on the top of the steering wheel
  • Make sure you are seated comfortably with your back getting enough support from the seat
  • Once you are seated, check if your arms are in a position where they are not likely to tire out easily
When you are comfortable on your driver’s seat and have a firm grip on the steering wheel, you have better control over the whole situation. Maneuvering the car becomes easy then, which means you can easily swerve your car from the way of another negligent driver. There may be times when you have to contact an auto accident doctor in Orlando for treating some injuries like whiplash. But chances are, if you follow these tips, you will escape with only minor bruises. Drive safe, stay safe.
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