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Increasing Addiction among Teenagers – A Cause of Concern

In today’s fast-moving world, it is shocking to find more and more teenagers are indulging in addiction. And, it is other than the technology addiction.  Teens are more attracted to do what they are asked not to. The reasons can also be traced to their disturbed childhood, stressful life and early exposure to alcohol and other drugs.

They generally do not have an idea of what is good or bad and have a tendency to choose the bad for them. They are mainly bent towards habits like smoking cigarettes, taking alcohols and drugs and the latest entrant in the list is the addiction to vaporizers.

Which addiction causes what?

Smoking and consuming tobacco – Consuming nicotine is not only highly addictive but it is highly poisonous. Tobacco can affect youth and athletic activities. It narrows blood vessels and puts a strain in the heart. It can lead to the lack of oxygen and cause breathlessness. And when the teenagers are concerned the result is even worse.  Every year a number of kids have premature death due to smoking. Teenagers have a low resistance capacity, so, they become ill easily, before anyone else.

Taking alcohols - According to research, those who start taking alcohol at a tender age of 15 are prone to become more alcoholic than those who start later. Depending on how much alcohol is consumed there can be abnormality symptoms such as slurred speech, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, troubled stomach, headaches, breathing difficulties, etc.  Alcohol causes liver diseases which are mostly non-curable.

Consumption of drugs - Drug has short-term effects on mental health and the effects become permanent if consumption is not discontinued. There can problems like mood swings, depression, sleep problems, psychosis, anxiety, etc.

Addiction to vaporizers- Vaping is the new entrant in the list of addiction options. Teens are now more tempted towards taking in marijuana. But the good thing here is that consuming marijuana or weeds through vaporizers have very less adverse effects. Vaporizers are fast gaining popularity for its less harmful effects. Disease symptoms are reduced if vaporizers are used. The device is designed to adjust the heating temperature and get the vapor of the dry herbs.

It should be a fact that teens have no matured understandings of their own and hence they require parental supervision in their growing age. It is advisable that they should refrain from getting addicted. But still, if they are willing to take up an addiction, it is better that they choose the last one with least effect.

The growing interest in vaping is indicating that in the upcoming years, there will be large number of teens who will use vaporizers.
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