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Women do it too! The aspirations to keep a good health and lean muscle mass are not the priority of the male gender alone but many women are as conscious and serious about health and fitness as men and in certain cases, more than men.

Many women are participating in the sports and other activities that were thought to be dominated by men and this old school of thought is changing fast and becoming more pronounced in certain areas of sports such as body building and weight lifting.

 Who would have thought that this intensive workout would be preferred by women who were thought to be the fairer gender? Women too want to prove themselves in these sports and professions which were once the bastion of men. These sports require immense workouts and food habits that trigger muscle growth and decrease the proportion of fat in the body. There are certain points in the woman’s system that is found to be the collection of stubborn fat such as the abdominal area.

Cut the fat:
The fat has to be melted and this alone will give rise to the formation and increase in the proportion and size of muscles. When the fat dissolves from right under the skin, the muscle layers are exposed. In order to achieve the desired muscle growth and improve the tone, you need to have enough quantity of building blocks in your system and this is obtained from external sources like your diet. Since the human body cannot synthesise these blocks, it has to be supplemented with from outside.

One group of such supplement are the Branched chain amino acids which stimulated the process of protein synthesis and therefore helps in muscle growth. There are three important amino acids which help in this synthesis and are named as leucine, isoleucine and valine which help in the process and play a major role in the different steps of the process.

How can I have them?
The amino acids are synthesised and are available in supplement form which can be taken along with food as prescribed by the physician. They are available in powder format and in tablet format which are easy for the uptake. They are available in easy to use candy formats as well which will be fun to eat and are also formatted as ice cream flavours which will taste better on the palate and do not give the feeling of having taken a bitter tasting medication. They are also made into chewable candy form which can be taken easily and is also tasting great. These formats are made so that they do not leave any bitter after taste that happens with a large number of medications.

The flavours and dosage:
There are several yummy flavours that are available for you to try such as the grape, fruit punch, cherry lime, rasp berry and many others which are quite interesting and tasteful. Women can take from three to five grams in a day. They can be taken when you feel much stressed out after an intense workout which will relieve the fatigue and generally they are also safe to be taken with breakfast.

The dosage varies with the size of the individual and according to the weight of the women. The right dosage will help you to relax after a very heavy exercise session and gives more energy to work out more without feeling lethargic.

For strength:
Women who need strength and stamina can take the Branched chain amino acids and benefit from the good effects they have on their system.
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