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Craving some roast duck that you once had at a fancy restaurant with your family? Or some fine grilled salmon you watched being prepared on a TV programme? 

Stop craving and start ordering! Simply visit Licious.in and you’ll have your exotic meat delivered at your doorstep within 90 minutes.

Lamb is a tough meat to cut and cook but it sure tastes amazing! You can choose from a variety of lamb cut meat like Leg Steak, Lamb Rack, Lamb Shanks or Lamb Raan on Licious, and we promise you the best quality, making it much easier for you to cook the meat.
Each meat has a different marinade that goes with it, all available at Licious. Choose from the best of cuts that will excite your palate.

Not Your Ordinary Chicken
Licious offers a wholesome chicken roast with a special Sunday chicken roast recipe that is sure to satisfy your appetite.

Licious has a variety of duck dishes such as Roast Duck, Whole Duck and Curry Duck. The Roast Duck comes with a honey spiced marinade and for the Whole Duck, you can whip up some masala curry to go with it.
The Curry Duck comes in 22-24 pieces that can make many curries including a spicy Kerala duck curry called Tharavu curry.

This exotic salmon meat is flown specially from North Atlantic Ocean. Its meat is sweet and nutritious and it can be cooked in several different ways, including in sushi rolls.
Licious offers 2 Atlantic salmon steaks straight from the North Atlantic Ocean. Their incredible taste makes them a joy to prepare. 

Japanese Quail
The exotic Japanese Quailcan be easily cooked and eaten as whole. Roast Quail is easy to make and so is Quail masala curry. They could even be marinated and roasted in an oven for a burst of flavour.

Rabbit may be hard to find easily in the market, but its taste surpasses most other types. And what’s better than Licious delivering it to your doorstep with ready to use marinades on order too?Make your delicious rabbit stew or curry in a hassle free manner. The meat is already pre cut into 15-20 pieces making it easier to cook and eat.

Spoil your family and yourself with a pot roast and dress it up with Licious marinades for a pleasant dinner, or include tender red meat as well as exotic seafood.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your five-star meat and get it delivered to your home, fast and fresh, courtesy Licious!
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