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Biggest Lies about Your Hair

If you are like most other women existing in this world, then you might consider your hair to be the most expensive accessory. No wonder you might love to keep it in top shape and looking beautiful all the time. Many of them might suggest you to keep switching your shampoo and to apply conditioner all over your scalp, but to tell you the fact this will not do any good to your priceless locks, but even harm your hair the most. Hair transplant is such a beautiful technique that helps the people suffering from hair loss.

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There are people that lie to you about your hair, and they have been doing it with you from so many years. People say many things and those who are really fed up of their hair listen to them and follow their illogical instruction. How much is it really true, and what all instruction they give if you want to know, then keep on reading all sort of lies about taking care of hair, and be aware of it.

Myth: trim your hair regularly it will help to grow your hair faster.
Reality: According to the experts, fact is that hair grows every half an inch within the period of 4 weeks. Getting a fresh and new hair cut every two weeks will not speed up the growth of hair. Whereas, trimming the ends every 6 – 8 weeks will help to maintain the shape of hair. Make sure that you have a balanced diet for maintain good and healthy hair.

Myth: plucking out grey or white hair
Reality: if you see any white or grey hair on your scalp peeping out, to pluck it eventually will not make your hair grow more, but it will damage your hair follicles and it prevent your hair to grow back at the same place.

Myth: Be immune to your hair products
Reality: A seasonal and environmental change like humidity contributes towards hair loss. Market brands use high amount of silicon and other products that builds up the hair shafts. This coating helps to make your hair look smooth and shiny, after using it repeatedly your hair can become limp and lifeless.

Myth: Your hair can be damaged if they are wet and you go to sleep as it is
Reality: It is absolutely fine to be lazy. There is nothing wrong in it. One thing that you should keep in mind is that do not tie pony tail or tight bun, when your hair are wet. Positive thing is that you can actually strengthen your hair roots if you use the correct shampoo. It is recommended to use live in conditioner and put your hair in lose braid.

Myth: You need to apply conditioner from root till the ends of your hair
Reality: When it comes to conditioner there is a long way to go. Running small amount of conditioner to your hair after washing can work really well. Make sure that the conditioner should not touch your scalp. Also make sure that after taking conditioner on your palms, do not rub them on the length of your hair too harshly, because it can make your hair cuticles rough and can damage the hair shafts.

Myth: Washing your hair everyday will make your hair dry
Reality: Most of them consider that washing their hair everyday with mild, gentle shampoo can be the best way to keep their hair and scalp clean as well as healthy. In some or the other way washing your hair will only prevent cleanliness the oil and microscopic particles that penetrates in the cuticles migrates down below the skin and clog’s the pores that results in acne.

Myth: Brushing your hair 100 times a day can keep your hair silky and shiny
Reality: In order to bring shine to your hair you need to increase blood circulation in your scalp, and this can be done by brushing only 20 strokes. If you do more than that, there is fear of breaking your hair and lose more hair.

Myth: Only older women suffer from hair thinning
Reality: Women start losing their hair when they are in their 20’s because of hormonal imbalance. Another reason for it can be hereditary and it can be in men as well as in women. Regardless of the age count, hair loss can also be part of over using the styling products, tight pony tails and so on.

Myth: Cold water adds shine to your hair.
Reality: This is the only fact that is true. Cold water can add shine as it helps the pores to get opened up, but don’t stay in any misconception that you will get any astonished results.
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