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Trail Exercises for Fitness Optimization

There are a number of different ways to get in shape. You can work out in the gym, do your exercises in the comfort of your home, or take it outside. If you exercise outside you can combine two very different forms of exercise with one. Namely, take to the trails for a hike and perform calisthenics along the way. Here are five popular exercises down on trails across the USA.

1. Stretching post. What a great way to limber up your muscles by working out with a stretching post. Here, you’ll position your feet at least three feet back from the post. Keep your legs straight and your feet flat on the ground. Next, lean toward the post until you feel the stretch. A beginner should do this exercise for 22 seconds. The intermediate exerciser should hold out for 30 seconds while the advanced person should give it a go for 45 seconds. Continue on the trail until you reach the next stop.

2. Parallel bars. Use your hands to walk the length of the bars, keeping your arms and body straight as you make your way across. For more robust exertion, include bar dips — bend your elbows out, lowering your body, and then raising yourself up. The beginner should do this routine twice, the intermediate person three times, and four times for the advanced individual. Move on down the trail and you’ll soon find the third destination.

3. Jump and touch beam. Here’s a great way to stretch those arm muscles! While standing below the beam, jump up and touch as high as you are able. Yes, that’s it! But don’t think you’ll do this once or twice before you move on. Instead, you’ll give it a go five times if you are a beginner, seven times if you are an intermediate exerciser, and 10 times if you are an advanced individual. If you’re a show off, go for 15 or 20 times, before moving back down the trail.

4. Beam run. How’s this for balance? A beam run is best approached by standing at the first beam with your legs together. Next, jump over each beam, one at time and without stopping. Think you have good balance? Then, give it a go. If you’re a beginner you can handle this routine twice, three times for the intermediate exerciser. If you consider yourself advanced, then let’s see you do it five times. If you fall off, start the process over again. Then move on down the trail to find your final routine advises Fitness19.

5. Chin up bars. Also known as pull up bars, this routine has tested the mettle of many athletes down through the years. Using your arms, pull your body up until the chin is even with the bar. Then lower yourself to the starting position. Do this three times if you are a beginner, four times if you are somewhere in the middle. Aim for six times if you consider yourself an advanced exerciser. And if you’re training for the summer Olympics, your starting point is 20 repetitions!

Down the Trail

The five examples given were provided by the Southern Pines Recreation & Parks commission. Chances are you have seen similar waypoints on your favorite public trails, but you may have passed them up. Until now. The idea here is to take to the trail at a fast walking pace or to simply run it. One or two miles and you’re done, but not without stopping and engaging in the nearest routine. Some trails offer discus golf, yet another way to bring your fitness regiment to the great outdoors.
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