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Top Three Secrets of the Triathlon Swim

Swimming is good for the health and equally daunting for the various triathletes worldwide. They need to maintain their swim techniques in order to do well every time they plunge into the pool. In case you are a beginner in triathlete, you need to keep in mind a lot of things in order to achieve success. Becoming a triathlete isn’t an easy task, though. It takes a lot of practice, a good amount of determination and loads of hard work. But did you know that there are a few secrets of successful triathletes which they follow in order to do well every time they take part in a competition?  And if you can follow these secrets well, becoming a successful triathlete won’t be a trouble for you!

Let us now see the top three secrets which every triathlete must follow to win:

·         Run Well
Running helps in strengthening the buttock which is important to swim well. A stronger buttock doesn’t let the pelvis tilt from side to side, therefore, helping the swimmer keep a straight position inside the pool. Also, while running, the foot should be placed underneath the runner. This means the feet should fall directly under the runner’s centre of mass. 

·         Take Up Smart Swimming Practices
In order to become a successful swimmer, you won’t have to swim all day long, rather, you need to follow a few smart swimming techniques and drills for doing better inside the pool. Firstly, you will have to be comfortable in the water and should practice the drills under the supervision of your trainers and coach. Once your body position is correct under the water, there should be no looking back for you. 

·         Do Stretching Exercises
For every athlete, stretching is important. This is something which helps in maintaining the range of motion for the swimmer as well. It increases speed and, therefore, helps the swimmer to swim faster. Hence, the third and the most important secret of all successful triathletes is regular stretching exercises. If you are unable to do these exercises yourself, take help from your coach or trainer in your swim club. 

And finally, every aspiring triathlete should take help from a professional swimming coach in order to thrive in the future. Proper training of all sorts is imperative only when you can train yourself better, you can be a better swimmer, runner and cycler.
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