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Think Twice Before Claiming Plastic Surgery Unnecessary

Many people have many kinds of myths against plastic surgery. Some consider it an evil of medical science and others have nothing but to criticize it. However, how many of us have ever thought about its brighter side? Not always I guess. But you will start exploring the good sides of it, once you get to know the story of Peter from Ghana.

The Sad Story
This African boy, who was born a few years ago, had a terrible facial dispute. He had a gaping split right from his nose to lips, making him look ghastly. This led her mother to abandon him right after childbirth. It seems quite unfair doesn’t it? What was his fault you might ask? But, it’s not the end, as people around him started labeling him as a cursed child. What else could he have asked for? If only his parents had new about nose surgery with best prices in abroad, then he could have been rescued from the cruelty he was about to receive.

The Affects of Nose Cleft in Ghana
Peter was forced to live far away from his community and was also isolated and was entitled to live in destitution. Of course, he did not ask for all this, but what could have been done to him? Spirit children or cursed children are neither given an opportunity of education nor employment. The superstition that is prevalent in many parts of Africa is still a big reason why people don’t use plastic surgery to regain their normal life.

Why Don’t People Go for Surgery
The high costs of plastic surgery are one of the main reasons why people don’t want to go for going under the knife apart from superstitions. Cleft has become a major reason why many people are left unemployed in these African regions. To make things better, it is necessary to lower the prices of cleft corrective operations. In this way, more people will be employed and a better economy will be prevalent in Ghana.

What Ghana Can Learn from SA
Ghana can for sure learn from South Africa, where clinics happen to provide the best possible treatment that too at reasonable prices. Well, all could have been better for little Peter if he had born in South Africa then.

According to research it has been found that a 250 USD dollar operation can basically boost up local economy of Ghana by as much as $50,000 per patient. This happens because, after the operation the person leads a normal life, gets an education, a job and eventually supports his or her community.

So, if you know anyone in Ghana, who has superstitions of not using such treatments, then read them this story. Even after reading this they don’t find the process convincing, then ask them to search for best prices of cosmetic surgery in abroad. Hopefully, they will find something good near home and get into the process of having a normal life again.
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