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3 Tips For Reducing Teeth Staining

There is no way a person can resist having a pearly white smile, and for many people, this is what they aspire to have. We spend a lot of money on whitening toothpaste, flossing, and going to the dentist regularly to have the teeth cleaned or even having them chemically bleached, all in an effort to get that Hollywood smile. Many of the things we usually do is trying to get rid of the corrosion and staining caused by what we do daily, what can you do to prevent the formation of the stains in the first place? In the blog this week, we will be focusing on changes you can make in reducing the staining on the teeth for good.

Avoid Drinking Black Coffee and Tea

There are a number of food and drinks considered as favorite, that can lead to staining of the tooth. This doesn't mean we will be asking you to do away with your daily caffeine fix. An easier alternative is adding a little milk to your coffee or tea. Tea has been shown to contain high staining tannin, and coffee, on the other hand, has chromogen and intensely pigmented molecules that can cause your teeth to look like a brown decay. When you drink it straight, the effect is very strong. If you add a little milk to dilute, they become less effective. The best way to continue having your healthy smile and favorite beverage is by adding a little milk.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!

There are two main causes of stained teeth. The two are; highly staining substances and the erosion of the enamel beforehand. When the staining substance has been left in the teeth for a while, the damage caused will be worse. This is because the it has been given a lot of time to work on the enamel. To minimize the damage, you need to drink a glass of water after drinking your favorite beverage, wine, or a meal that involves colored sauces. This is not a cure, but a way of reducing the color staining. The carbonation will be able to scrub the damaging material lightly before they get a chance to cause a staining. Ensure you do a thorough swill to remove the nasty chromogens as fast as possible.

Eat More Cheese

As strange as this might sound, it really works. When you eat cheese or any other protein, it builds up the calcium in the teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to stains. You can add some milk, beans, chicken, and eggs to ensure you don't eat a lot of cheese. If you want to make sure you teeth won't be stained with red wine when you go for an evening dinner party, go with hard cheese instead of the soft cheeses. This is due to the fact that hard cheeses are richer in calcium, which is important for the teeth. They will also act as a polish and fill for the teeth. The close the micro pores and make the teeth more resistant to stains. The drinks and red wine will bead up and roll off- just like a wax for the teeth Those are some of the ways. This doesn't mean you should not buy whitening toothpaste or floss every night before you sleep. Combining both techniques will guarantee an improvement in the way your teeth looks. Taking care of your teeth is more than just brushing twice a day and regular visits to the dentists, it also involves making healthy decisions, to have the teeth healthy and pearl white.
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