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Treat Insomnia with Holistic Medicine

For many Americans, sleep plunges to the bottom of their to-do list. Blame it on stressful jobs and an ever-growing pressure to juggle between work and family. But prolonged sleeplessness can have catastrophic effects on your health and cognitive abilities. Know what? Nearly 15 percent of adult Americans suffer from chronic insomnia. No, prescription sleep-aids may not be the answer to this epidemic – only a holistic approach, which tends to address deeper health problems to correct your sleeping pattern, can help.

So stop turning a blind eye to the irregularities in your sleeping patterns because they are not going to subside gradually. Address the root cause instead. With holistic medicine thriving in the cities like Tampa, Seattle, Phoenix, San Francisco and many other, finding a trusted therapist is not at all a problem. Believe us, they are safe and side-effect free.

How Holistic Medicine Works

Unlike conventional medicine that tends to treat the symptoms, holistic medicine strive to detect the underlying causes, and treat the root causes to make these symptoms disappear. As far as insomnia is concerned, three underlying factors  – imbalance of two hormones  melatonin and cortisol, blood sugar fluctuations and dysfunction of fat metabolism – are mostly at play, sometimes individually, sometimes collectively. Holistic therapy for insomnia strives to address these disorders by making positive changes to your food habit, lifestyle and sleeping environment.

Three Premises of Holistic Medicine

Right Food-Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the sleep/wake cycle. Researches show that Melatonin supplements when taken under close supervision of a doctor can improve sleep in people with insomnia. Alternatively, you can consume food and herbs that naturally boosts production of this sleep-inducing hormone in your body. Luke warm almond milk is a time-tested sleep aide. Light snacking before bedtime also helps you fall asleep.

Choose food that contains a combination of protein and carbs such as banana, peanut butter, cheese or whole wheat crackers. Eat them half an hour before hitting the bed. In addition, it is also important to increase your magnesium intake. Food items such as almonds, leafy vegetable, wheat germs and pumpkin seeds make good natural alternatives to magnesium supplements.

Healthy, Stress-free Lifestyle- Living in a fast-paced world and eliminating stress completely out of your life must be too much to expect from busy urbanites. However, by incorporating a few positive changes in your life, you can at least keep stress at bay. A relaxed brain can better combat your sleeping problems. A few simple things can help you relax. For example, avoid late hour exposure to electronics. Banish the TV from your bedroom and stop watching late night TV programs.

In addition, include exercise into your daily routine – it is the most effective sleep-aid. However, the time of workout makes a big difference to how much sleep you get at night. Researches show that 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise per day can improve sleep quality considerably.

Tranquil Sleeping Environment-Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Keep it neat and clean. Use breathable linens. Drape dark-hued curtains. If you happen to live in a noisy neighborhood, invest in a white noise machine – the continuous purring of the machine will help filter out unwanted noise. Most importantly, invest in a good quality mattress for a night of restorative sleep.

If you have been experiencing sleeping disorder for more than two weeks, probably it's time to see a doctor. If you choose to walk the alternative path, select your practitioner cautiously. Fortunately, finding a holistic medicine practitioner is not a problem in cities such as Tampa where this practice is very popular. You can take help of the alternative medicine directories to find a doctor who offers holistic therapies for insomnia.
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