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Simple home remedies to treat Vertigo in your ears

Vertigo is generally a sense of spinning mainly due to the inner ear problem. If any person has such dizzy spells, you may get a feel of spinning or that your surrounding is totally spinning. Some of the men and women are getting such dizziness, but they don’t know an exact reason for their spinning feel. BPPV, and labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis is some of the most common reasons for this vertigo problem.

Symptoms of vertigo:

When the individuals have the vertigo due to your ear problems, you will get the following symptoms such as,

  • Abnormal movement in your eye
  • Getting a feel of your body is totally tilting 
  • Feeling that you don’t have balance 
  • Your body is swaying 
  • Your entire body is spinning 
  • Having a feel of having a stroke 
  • Weakness on one side of your body 
  • Headaches 
  • Nausea 
  • Ears ringing 
  • Sweating
  • Fever 
  • Loss of hearing
  • Double vision 
  • Weakness in the legs and arms 
  • Lack of coordination and etc.

Some home remedies for vertigo:

Here are some of the home remedies for the treatment of vertigo problem in humans. These are very simple but effective in treating the various conditions of vertigo. In order to avoid the above mentioned vertigo symptoms, one should need to follow these given home remedies.

Peppermint oil – It is one of the widely used and the best essential oils for the treatment of vertigo problem. Ismenthol is a main ingredient in this peppermint oil which helps relieving from the spinning and dizzy sensation. The users either massage this essential oil on the back of your neck and forehead with the few drops, or you can also soak the cotton ball in the oil and inhale it via your nose.

Frankincense oil – It is also the most suitable essential oil for the vertigo treatment. By placing the two drops of frankincense oil directly under your tongue, you can perfectly reduce the dizziness and all other symptoms. At the same time, you can also place a few drops of this essential oil around your ears to reduce the symptoms.

Lavender oil – The scent of the lavender essential oil also helps reducing the symptoms of vertigo. This natural treatment can be really useful to inhale the vapour of lavender oil and reduce the vertigo symptoms. If you don’t want to inhale this essential oil, you just simply apply the few drops of lavender essential oil to your pillow before going to sleep.

Hydrogen peroxide – It is one of the best home remedies for the treatment of vertigo. It is actually the colourless liquid which is actually created with the water and oxygen. Peroxide is frequently used for the treatment of the ear infections and also it removes wax from your inner ear. This is why it is recommended as the best home remedy for vertigo treatment. Peroxide in the ears will treat vertigo symptoms by just loosening the stones stayed inside the ears. 
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