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Is Passive Smoking E-Cigarettes Harmful?

Advertisements have given E-cigarettes a less harmful face than the traditional ones. But, studies prove that smoking and vaping are not much different when it comes to having a negative impact on the passive smokers. As nicotine is in a more concentrated form in e-cigarettes than their traditional counterparts, people in the vicinity of the smoker could inhale a high amount of nicotine easily.

And although the electronic cousin of our traditional cancer stick doesn't burn tobacco to create smoke, it uses aerosol to disperse nicotine into lungs. And it can be harmful to the smoker and the people in close range. Let us highlight facts to learn whether e-cigs are as harmful as traditional cigarettes. And whether you need to seriously consider how to avoid passive smoking e-cigarettes to live away from cancerous toxins.

Are E-Cigarettes Really Toxin Free?

No they are not. Although e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco to create vapor, it doesn't mean that it is free of toxicity. The aerosol an e-cig smoker exhales is reported to contain a level of toxic chemicals, which can harm people through passive smoking. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that exhaled aerosol can be harmful to passive smokers, and any degree of increase in its toxicity can cause more harm than tradition cigarettes (which is highly possible because e-cig chemicals are mostly unregulated).

Research has also shown that continued vaping can increase the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentration level by 20 percent (creating a harmful environment) in even well-ventilated rooms. Plus, there is also a risk of ultra-fine particles being deposited in the lung. Flouris et al. (2013) studies to measure the ill-effects of second hand smoking from e-cigarettes highlighted the increase in serum cotinine which can be harmful with prolonged usage.

A study report published by the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority explained that vaping is capable of worsening the air quality, filling it with aluminum, particulates, and concentrated nicotine. Speculating the harm it could do to passive smokers, WHO requested a ban on using e-cigs in enclosed spaces in 2014. So, we can safely assume that besides being harmful to the smoker, e-cigs are quite harmful to passive smokers.

Smokeless E-Cigs Can Cause Disease
Often advertisements assure us that as e-cigs do not create smoke they present no threat to your major organs. But, medical experts prove that smoke is not the only reason behind cigarette-influenced heart disease and organ failure. They say that inhaling nicotine is enough to cause considerable damage to your heart. Knowing that e-cigs offer a higher concentration of nicotine, it is easy to understand how vulnerable passive smokers are to its effects.

Plus, the known carcinogen formaldehyde, which generally comes with traditional cigarettes, is also found in e-cigs. In some cases, e-cigarettes have a higher concentration of formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes. Silicate particles are also present in e-cig vapors that can cause lung disease through too much inhalation.

Vapor is Actually Secondhand Aerosol
E-cig vaporizes a liquid utilizing a battery powered heating element, and creating aerosol that smokers inhale. Although, vapor sounds harmless enough, what smokers actually inhale is secondhand aerosol containing nicotine, ultrafine particles and toxins. These potentially harmful ultrafine particles and toxins can block arteries and cause respiratory diseases like asthma. Chemical compounds found in e-cigs that can harm passive smokers are Acetaldehyde (MS), Isoprene (SS), Lead (MS), Toluene (MS, SS), Benzene (SS), Cadmium (MS), Nickel (MS), Nicotine (MS, SS), N-Nitrosonornicotine (MS, SS) and many more.

There are a  number of reasons why one should seriously start thinking about how to avoid passive smoking e-cigarettes, especially in a closed environment. Having an open discussion with the e-cig user and creating boundaries seem to be wise choices to stay away from the toxic vapor of electronic cigarettes until the government enforces a ban.
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