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Express diet for weight loss with Venus Factor

Rapid weight loss - the market for those who want to get rid of a few extra kilos, for example, before a voyage or important event. Of course, losing significant amounts of weight in a few days is unlikely to succeed, but available. Hurry 2-4 kg of weight loss diet is often severely restricting calories consumption - up to 500-700 calories a day, with plenty of drinking and vitamins to maintain immunity.

If before an important event in just three days.

John Barban Author of Venus Factor Program is also use one of the following methods, Get rid of tummy and waist volume helps salad brush. Sega equal parts of fresh chopped cabbage and carrots, add spices to taste (except salt), and the season of apple cider vinegar in a salad or lemon Juice. See vitamin contains very few calories, so during the day, you can have it in any place volume. Do not forget to drink eight glasses of water a day, black or green tea without sugar: they help to bring the body of excess water and purifies salad bowl. Day period allowed to eat a couple of apples.
But vegetables and a piece of cooked lean meat without salt. It rapid weight loss three days will help get rid of 2-4 kg (the beginning of the end result depends on weight) to cleanse the body and reduce swelling.

You can try a liquid diet, for example, such as breakfast and dinner, drink a protein shake - it can be done and ready for the powder, which mixed with a few tablespoons of the protein with low fat milk or eat himself. Contact 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and so much milk, add half a glass of water and flavor - a tablespoon cocoa, or their favorite berries, after whisk ingredients blender. And dinner, you can afford a salad of green vegetables dressed with lemon juice or vinegar, as well as a piece of fish or meat, cooked or steamed. Applying such rapid weight loss at home, you can lose 2-4 kg in just three days. Only the same thing, do not forget to put a drink half a liter of clean water per day.

If you order a week.

Again, you can limit your calorie intake to get rid of 2-5 kg ​​ overweight. John Barban Author of Venus Factor Review offer a different menu for certain products, but most of them are reduced to drink sufficient amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, proteins. For example breakfast, you can eat a boiled egg, a slice of black bread, a cup of coffee without sugar. For lunch, a... - vegetarian soup, a slice of lean meat or fish with a side dish of fresh vegetables for dinner and drink a glass of kefir, yogurt or eat a few apple. Feedback weight, get rid of 4-5 kg ​​weight loss a week can make the famous Bonn soup. This cooked cabbage - need one medium to the forks 6 pears, a couple of tomatoes and peppers, and a bunch of green celery. Cut vegetables into pieces, chop the cabbage, then cook them in soup, and who need to eat for 5-7 days by diluting a rather dull diet of non-starchy fruits and green vegetables. See rapid weight loss in the last 7 days, will help get rid of a few kilograms overweight, plus soup is allowed to hold any volume, so you cannot get over the feeling of hurt hunger. The main thing diet experience, remember that a sharp reduction in caloric intake - a lot of stress in the body, so that the whole food multivitamin to take, drink clean water and observe the daily life.
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