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Car accidents are a common cause of spinal cord injuries. The spine breaks and exerts pressure on, or tears all or a part of the spinal cord.

Depending on the nature of the spinal cord and nerve damage, the symptoms can vary widely.

From pain to loss of sensation, loss of bowel or bladder control to complete paralysis, spinal cord injuries may affect your system in a variety of ways.

Know what? Such injuries often go unnoticed following a minor fender-bender, until you come to experience the symptoms such as severe back pain, headache, lack of coordination in your bodily functions, and so on.

There is no need to panic though — not all minor car crashes result in severe spinal cord damage. A doctor for car accident can better tell you whether your spinal injuries are severe or not.

That is why it makes sense to get thoroughly examined by an accident doctor immediately after an auto accident.

Sometimes car accidents such as rollover or collisions are not the only causes that lead to spinal cord injuries.

Faulty car-parts are the villain, too. Here are a few causes of spinal cord injuries:


This is one of the commonest causes of spinal cord injury. Although rollovers may happen with just about any type of automobiles, SUVs are more prone to facing such types of accidents.

Any vehicle, which has a high center of gravity and narrow wheelbase, is a good candidate for rollovers.

Roofs often collapse because of the rollover, directly hitting the head, neck, and spine of the driver or the passengers.

Power Windows without Adequate Safety Features

Power windows are a potent cause of neck injuries in young children. Wondering how? The automobiles manufactured in the US are not legally bound to provide safety feature for power windows.

In the absence of such features, a power window fails to retract when there is an obstruction following a crash.

Faulty Seat-belt

Seatbelts often rip apart following a sudden crash. These poor quality seatbelts are unable to hold the passengers snugly enough, and worse even, they often unlatch during impact. This makes the passengers suffer direct impact on their spinal region.

Apart from the quality of a seatbelt, a fault in its design can be equally dangerous. It may make the seatbelt collapse during a heavy impact. Needless to say, this may be very hard on your spinal cord and the adjoining nerves.

Defective Suspensions

If your car has suspension defects, you are likely to face issues with steering control. If unaddressed, it may ultimately lead to the complete loss of control.

In hundreds of accident cases, suspension defects have been of the primary cause behind spine-related injuries.

Tire Tread Separations

Tire tread separation is a condition in which the worn-out tread of the tire – the outer rubbery layer – gets ripped apart from the body of the tire.

Quite obviously, tire-tread separation can be dangerous. It can make the car completely lose control and roll over.  It's also dangerous for other cars on the road as this kind of tire-mishaps may cause collisions.

Spinal cord injuries can be debilitating. It does not matter whether your spinal cord suffered a jolt from a violent car crash or if it was injured due to the design defects of your seatbelt.

You must consult a doctor for car accident without any delay . These trauma specialists are the best people to inform you about the severity of your damage, and recommend treatment accordingly.

Don't wait till it's too late – rush to a specialist to minimize future risks.
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