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Important Tips to Identify Early Symptoms Of Brain Cancer

Monday, March 11, 2019

Brain tumours have a number of types. Some of them are cancerous in nature (malignant) while others are non-cancerous in nature (benign). The former kind of tumours begins in the brain known as primary brain cancer. In some of the cases, this cancer spreads from another part of the body into the brain of a person which also results in a secondary brain tumour.

There are a number of potential symptoms of brain tumours; however, one person is not likely to experience them all. The symptoms of a brain tumour often vary on the kind of tumour that a person is suffering from and also the overall size of the tumour. Brain cancer treatment is possible only after finding out the kind of tumour that a person is suffering from.
Difference between benign and malignant brain tumour:
Benign brain tumours are non-cancerous in nature. Malignant primary brain tumours are the cancers originating in the brain and typically growing faster than the other kind of tumours. These tumours aggressively invade the surrounding tissues. Although brain cancer rarely spreads itself to the other organs of the body, it can easily spread to the other parts of the brain as well as the central nervous system.
Symptoms of brain tumour:
Brain cancer treatment is possible only after finding out the kind of cancer that any person is suffering from, which could be figured out by the way of finding out the symptoms of a brain tumour. These symptoms differ according to the type of the tumour and also according to its location. Because different areas of the brain have control of the different functions of the body, the place where tumour lies often affects the way symptoms are manifested.
Some tumours do not show any kind of symptoms at all until they grow large in size and become more serious in nature. Other tumours may entertain the symptoms that develop slowly. The most common initial symptom of a brain tumour is a headache. Other symptoms of a brain tumour include the following:
       Change is hearing or speech
       Changes in the vision
       Balance problems
       Problems in terms of walking
       Numbness or tingling in the body
       Problems with the memory
       Inability to concentrate
       Changes with the personality
       Weakness in a particular part of the body.

Treatment of brain tumours:
One of the best treatments for cancer in India is surgery which is used to remove the tumour after it has been diagnosed. However, it becomes difficult and impossible to remove all kinds of brain tumours by the way of surgery. Thus, in all those cases, chemotherapy, as well as radiation therapy is taken as a treatment option that helps in the killing as well as the shrinking of the tumour. These therapies are also used to kill the remaining cancer cells.
Tumours which are located very deep in the brain and are difficult to reach by the way of these therapies are usually treated with Gamma Knife therapy which is considered to be a kind of highly focused radiation therapy.
Because the treatment for cancer has the potential to damage all the other healthy tissues, it is very important to discuss all the possibilities as well as long-term side effects of whatever treatment that you are opting for to treat the problem.
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