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How Will You Know That Your Dear One Is Addicted to Opioid?

Friday, February 15, 2019

Often it is quite difficult to know whether your dear one is really affected to addition to opioid. If you notice any strange or suspicious behavior then you need to take it seriously as this pain killer often goes beyond the prescribed limit without really knowing about it.
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In case you notice any of the following symptoms, then you must bring your patient to SMC recovery center in your area.
  1. The prescription pain killer is meant only for short term use however if the person is found to be continuing with the drug for pretty long time then there is a possibility that the person has got addicted to it.
  2. Sometimes even the affected person is keen to get rid of this drug, but he cannot as his psychological and environmental factors force him to continue abusing the substance.
  3. You may notice the addicted person will be ready to spend all the money that he has to seek his favorite drug.  
  4. The drug user may be aware about the danger of such drug but he may get strong urge that he cannot help himself without taking the drug.
  5. The addicted person will be found to be failing to meet his responsibility at his home, school or work and his sleeping pattern also remains highly disrupted. Often the person may not know that he is addicted to opioid.
  6. The person may develop irritability and may become very defensive about his drug abuse and often engage in argument with his family or friends.
  7. Addicted person may withdraw himself from any social or recreational activities. He may also not like to engage himself with any group activities.
  8. Often the addicted person may behave recklessly.
  9. He may need more and more drug.
  10. If drug is stopped then withdrawal symptoms are noticed.

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