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Is Beard Oil Truly An Allurement For All Beardoholics?

Friday, July 20, 2018

Beards have increasingly come back into fashion and are quite a thing for both men and women alike. Just like well-styled hair for women, a well-groomed beard adds to the look and charisma of a man. So once out of fashion and considered to be turnoff beards are back with a bang with more and more men sporting one. There are various styles, shapes, and sizes of a beard. From the long overgrown styles to the petite goatees beards are ever changing and ever transforming. Beards are a reflection of one’s personality and personal style statement.
But fashion comes at a cost. It takes an effort to grow a beard but even greater diligence and grooming to maintain one. A dirty, unkempt, scraggly tuft of hair dangling from your chin is no fashion statement rather a statement of misplaced self-care. With a great beard comes great responsibility to maintain it. This is where beard oil comes in. A term though very commonly used is not very well understood in terms of application and function. Most men are misinformed in believing that beard oil helps to grow beards. These oils are mere moisturisers that moisturise the skin beneath your beard and makes your beard soft, shiny, smooth and attractive. They do not have growth stimulators and thus cannot assist in beard growth. This cosmetic product is actually a combination of various essential oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, hempseed oil or grapeseed oil that emulates sebum. It reaches the hair follicles, and smoothens, and strengthens the beard, and prevents hair from becoming brittle. Not only that, they also prevent the skin underneath the beard from becoming flaky and rough. Most oils are loaded with vitamins A, D, and E with a dash of fragrance to leave behind a fresh cologne effect. Some of these products are also compensated with an anti-acne formula to prevent pimples and some also add to your complexion. The best way to apply it is right after washing one's face. It is always a good idea to start with a clean face. Some of the best products in the market include Four Vices by Beardbrand, the Corktown by Detroit Grooming Co., the Burrough,s by Prospector Co. and so on. The price ranges from $12-$38 and even higher.
But as they say ‘perfection is a myth’. Beard oil, therefore, has its list of shortcomings. The first being allergies. Most products are made with essential oils that are highly sensitive to being oxidised if exposed to light or air. So packaging in the dark and in airtight containers is the key to increase shelf-life of these products. Exposed products turn into acids on oxidation that can cause serious allergies if applied. Secondly, citrus oils are often used in these products that are photosensitive and if applied can cause serious burning, blistering or discoloration as they make the skin more sensitive to UV. Finally, some products use chemicals for the fragrance that is harmful to the skin as they cause cancers, allergies and other detrimental effects.
Your beard is natural net, busy catching dirt, and bacteria, so if you grow a beard it is your primary responsibility to clean it and groom it with care. There are several products available in the market to make your job easy but choose wisely.

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