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Why Is Proper Bite so Important for Your Health?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Symmetrical facial features and beautiful healthy smile are vital to your success in personal as well as social life. People with teeth malocclusion and bite disorder often feel too embarrassed to smile and so may fail to establish a connection with important people in their lives.

However, aesthetic considerations are just part of the equation. Bite disorder can result in serious health issues such as digestion disorders, back pain, tension of facial muscles and stress.

What is bite?
Bite is a location of the teeth relative to each other. Along with the concept of bite, orthodontists use a definition of occlusion which describes positioning of the jaws when moving towards each other.

What does correct bite look like?
A proper bite means that the upper teeth and bottom teeth are pressed tightly together. Ideally, the upper teeth cover about a third part of the lower ones while the upper molars are in direct contact with the lower molars and vice versa.

People with correct teeth alignment have a harmonious oval of the face. The central vertical line of the face forms a straight line with the place where central incisors meet.

With a proper bite, not only teeth look beautiful and healthy, they cause no inconveniences or pain for a person when chewing.

Why do malocclusion and bite disorder develop?
Any deviation from the normal dental condition is considered an anomaly. A bite disorder does not develop on its own. Rather, it is a consequence of certain factors influencing developments within the oral cavity.

The bulk of bite disorders start evolving in the early childhood years. Only a fraction of those result from traumas or surgeries. Children with bad habits, for example sucking fingers or gnawing nails, often end up with bite disorder. Prolonged breastfeeding and drinking from baby bottles for too long are among negative factors as well.

Proper development of the teeth rows is also negatively affected by constant oral breathing, often a result of a frequent nasal congestion. Underdevelopment of just one jaw can be caused by sleeping on hard pillows, the habit of putting a palm under the cheek during one’s sleep as well as various injuries of the maxillofacial zone.

Fixing bite disorder
Today, bite disorder is a condition to be met among 90% of the global population, adults and children alike. In fact, the chances are huge that if you know someone with a perfect bite, that person has already undergone an orthodontic treatment. Here are dental devices most commonly used: https://www.invisibraces.com/overjet/

Metal, ceramic and sapphire braces are one of the most widespread methods of treating bite disorders.

Invisible braces, or Invisalign, are one of the latest technological advances in orthodontics. They are 100% invisible on one’s teeth.

Lingual braces
These are invisible too as they are installed onto the inner surface of the teeth.

Find an option that works for you and get that perfect smile you’re dreaming of!
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