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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Every sports person knows there is an element of risk when it comes to the sports they take part in. Athletes know they can get knee injuries, swimmers know they can easily twist their shoulders and many more injuries. Fortunately there are solutions to these injuries. One of those offering solutions to these injuries. The orthopaedic clinic in Singapore provides excellent service and we will nurse you back to health.

We attend to the following injuries;
  1. Shoulder injuries which include and are not limited to rotator tears and tendinitis, frozen shoulder, dislocation collar bone fracture and many more.
  2. Knee injuries which include cartilage injuries, knee bursitis, sprains and strains and knee dislocation
  3. Elbow injuries such as tennis elbow, radial head fracture, fore arm splints and golfers elbow.
  4. Hand and wrist injuries including mallet finger, wrist dislocation, ganglion cysts and fractures.
  5. Foot and ankles injuries like sprains, bunion, broken ankles and turf toe.
  6. Hip injuries such as groin strain, septic arthritis, sports hernia and hip labral care.
  7. Back injuries due to strains of the muscles.
  8. Neck injuries as a result of sudden strain of muscles and many more.
The services we offer at the orthopedic clinic
  1. We guide sports persons how to prevent injuries. We guide them on exercises that will strengthen their joints to provide the adequate support their bodies need to withstand the pressure the sports activities they take part in exert on them.
  2. When injuries occur, we evaluate and offer the best treatment possible. We try as much as possible to use minimal invasive treatments so that we do not interfere with the joints.
  3. We provide surgical treatments to injuries of the elbow, shoulder, knee, hands, hips, legs and many more.
  4. We also have equipment to do MRI, CT scans and X-ray. These are available for both in-patients and out-patients.
  5. In the case of injuries that require support, we provide splinting, casting, custom orthotics and brace fitting.
Whatever your injury, we understand your need to be fit and ready to compete. You may be participating in a particular sport for fun or it may be a source of living. Whichever your motivation, you want to be your best so you can do your best. Doctor provides you with the solutions to injuries you get during your sporting activities or as a preventive measure. Whichever your need, we are here to serve you the best way possible. We offer personalized on call service that is available to you 24hrs. You need not wait when you suffer an injury. A fit healthy you is our reward and we want nothing but the best for you.
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