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Monday, April 23, 2018

India is known for its medical care. People from around the world go to India for specialized care. Not only for the readily available treatment centers, but because India is considerably cheaper when it comes to cost of care. Indian pharmacy drugs are found in many drug stores around the world which sell them over the counter or as prescribed by doctors.

Advantages of Indian Pharmacy drugs
  • India produces a large number of generic drugs that are sort after by other big pharma companies. They outsource these drugs from India due to their generic nature.
  • Generic drugs in India are relatively cheaper. People suffering from illnesses such as diabetes and blood pressure prefer buying drugs from India in bulk as they save a lot of money considering they have to be on medication daily.
  • India has invested heavily in research when it comes to production of drugs. Clients world over are guaranteed of quality as professional actors in this industry are constantly updated by changes in the drug industry and effect these changes in drug production.
  • Manufacturing plants in India are up to date and this has made India’s drug industry flourish and is recognized worldwide for the quality of drugs produced.
  • The cost of establishing an FDA-inspected plant is cheaper than most parts of the world. This in turn means India has a large supply of pharmaceutical plants that have played a positive role in marketing drugs from India world over.
  • India has a large population and this means the number of professional healthcare providers is large. The quality of drug production is thanks to the number of people who take park it in the production of these drugs. Each one comes with expertise that is accepted by many in a bid to produce the best for population world over.
India endeavors to provide the best healthcare possible for its citizens through the production of good medicine and at great prices. Incentives are offered to pharma companies and this has had a direct impact on the quality of Indian pharmacy drugs. Drugs from India are being shipped regularly to users all over the world and they have nothing but positive reviews for the quality of drugs and service they have received from the pharma industry. Drugs from India constitute 40% of generic drugs consumed in US alone. This is very telling on the quality of health care provided by this industry. 
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