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Protect your eyes for better sight and vision

Friday, January 26, 2018

An Eye Mass removal refers to a lump inside the upper or lower eyelid. It is commonly known as Chalazion or Meibomian cyst. The major reason for the eye mass can be sighted as inflammation of one of the small oil-producing glands that are located in either one of the eyelids. The eye mass is not an infectious disease as it is not caused by bacteria. But it is vulnerable to infection during the stage of oil trapped in glands.

The eye mass or chalazion is caused mainly due to the blockage of the oil-producing glands. People with prior history of Chalazion and touching eyes with dirty hands are considered to have a higher risk for chalazia. The gland blockage can be due to many other reasons. Poor eyelid hygiene, viral infection, Rosacea, Eyelid cancer surgery and trauma, tuberculosis and so on.

The eye mass is mostly identified easily as the lump on the upper or lower eyelid is an obvious sign of the same. Other symptoms include a tender spot on the eyelid, lump that you never had, increased tearing, sensitivity to light.

In most of the cases, your doctor will observe the chalazion using naked eye. They use the symptoms of the chalazion for more accurate diagnosis. Diagnosing is not specific in case of chalazion treatment. This is mainly due to the fact that the symptoms are normally visible for a doctor while treating chalazion. Symptoms can be inflammation and swelling around the affected eye, in some cases disrupted vision when it becomes large.

Normally the treatments for chalazion include medications like eye drops or application of warm water to the affected eyes several times in a day. This promotes the drainage of the hardened oil by softening them. In some cases, the eye mass may grow severely and cause a problem to your vision. Thus a surgery is opted to drain it out and completely remove the eye mass. Common antibiotics and ointments are also prescribed by the medical practitioners.

Eye Mass Removal Surgery in Mumbai is very simple as many specialized doctors and hospitals are available here. Eye mass surgery is a quite simple procedure which does not need the patient to remain in the hospital for further treatments. The procedure for the eye mass surgery is performed under the control of the general anaesthesia. The problems in anaesthesia are minimized by the use of the anaesthetic cream. 

Eye mass removal treatment in Mumbai uses surgery option when the chalazion is causing the blockage of vision. If they are smaller in size, they are removed by cutting and pressuring on the inside layer of the eyelid. This method is easy and does not require any stitches as they are cut inside the eyelid. If the cyst is larger in size, they are removed by an incision through the front of the eyelid. The incision is not larger than 3mm and is normally done on top of the eye mass. After the surgery, stitches are applied to the incision which will be removed within a week. Generally, the chalazion is not dangerous, but precautions are taken as the chalazion is taken to a laboratory for screening cancer.

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