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Dr. Kami Hoss Reveals the Truth About Teeth Whitening and Procedures Applied

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Studies have shown that more than 100,000 youngsters go for tooth whitening every single year, and it now falls under one of the processes of cosmetic treatment. Americans have always had the belief that whiter the smile, fresher a look it gives to the face. And it has now spread across the American territories and most of the world wants to have whiter teeth now. A smile can make a day, and the whiter it gets, the better turns out the day. Now as Dr. Kami Hoss comes up and speaks about these teeth whitening projects, it is essential to understand that how safer and healthier it is when compared to the dental brochures.

However, the dentists have always preferred the laser bleaching treatment for teeth whitening, and on the contrary, the whitening toothpaste has always been criticized. It has been seen that these toothpaste has got abrasive content which pushes the risk factor of wearing and tearing of the enamel. Again, some of the research studies in the medical industry have come up with solid proofs where the commonly used bleaching agent, Hydrogen Peroxide has substantial carcinogenic connections. So along with whiter teeth, the practice of such a method can actually lead to weaker teeth as well, which is not accepted at all.
A Comprehensive Approach to Teeth Whitening- Dr. Kami Hoss Takes A Glance
Popularly, there are three whitening practices which have been preferred by the dentists and also the common people. Firstly, the toothpaste which has enough anti-staining agents is the most common method, and they are not like the ordinary toothpaste. Since the availability of this particular method is the most common of all, thousands of people prefer referring to this.
There are even bleaching kits which have been manufactured for home-use in particular, and it involves the use of hydrogen peroxide solution. The entire solution is placed over the patient’s teeth for at least two weeks, and according to the results that have been tested, experts claim that practice of such a method actually whitens the teeth for at least six to eight shades. As a result of this, the popularity of this method is no less than the whitening toothpaste.
However, the most technologically advanced and updated method of tooth whitening is the laser treatment which is by far the costliest as well. A particular hydrogen peroxide solution is being painted all across the teeth of the patient, and then it is meant to go through strong rays of light which speeds up the lightening process. The entire procedure might take from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the conditions of the teeth and Dr. Kami Hoss believes that it can go up to almost 11 shades lighter.
The particular practice targets at the stain particles and brings forth the original layers of the enamel. Definitely the costliest, this proves to be the most effective of all as well. However, nothing can match the hygiene which thoroughly maintained can have the best result.
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